Can’t find a spatula

image Trying to find a replacement for the pictured spatula/turner, which I’ve had for at least 15 or 20 years, and worn out. Thought it might have been an Oxo “Good Grips”, but doesn’t look like anything they make any more. Hints, anyone?

oxo M260166

Oddly, Amazon .es says “not available in the US”, and Oxo seems to have redesigned it on their own site. Fooey.

That’s because Porky’s link leads to Amazon in SPAIN.

Here is the US and A link:

I love me my Nylon Kitchen Tools. I recent lost a Nylon Caphalon Laddle… I was bereft when they changed the design because they aren’t NEARLY as nice or durable. Grrrr!!! Here is a Nylon Turner that is more in the shape you maybe looking for. Otherwise, Oxo makes some really nice metal fish turners as well. I like their Silicone turners too (especially the cookie one) but the handles burn and they do eventually wear away in the dish washer. :confused:

I thought so too, but just got exactly that one last week, it’s about an inch narrower, and much more toy-like. Feels about right for flipping a single pancake or single egg in a six inch pan.

different handle

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Which one are you talking about? This one looks similar to your old one. I’ve been gradually replacing our kitchen tools with OXO as they wear out.


The Norpro Dommy referenced. Porky Belly has turned up another link to the one I want, this time from “moldimluxv” whoever and wherever they might be…Pretty sure that Oxo just changed the design on me, damn’em.

Seems like some of the old model 77591UKE are still around in Europe.

That was called a lasagne turner. Current model has no holes: