Can we offer Hungry Onion a chance to join us?

I’ve noticed Hungry Onion has started a very similar board to FTC:

It’s in its infancy (heck, I suppose FTC is too) - Instead of diluting the audience in the future, we should offer an olive branch and see if we can join forces and retain as many former CH voices as possible.

Just a thought…


Agreed. The more unified we can make the CH diaspora, the better.


Sure, invite them to check out the site.

Discourse seems to me a pretty strong selling point. It addresses every technical complaint I’ve made or can remember hearing about Chowhound.

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I had the same thought – I don’t think there was any ill-intent on having the two boards-- just a parallel evolution.

Since they’re both on the Discourse format, I’m wondering if it might even be possible to merge – I’m noticing some of us have landed there, some have landed here, and quite a few are dabbling on both.

With all of us working together, it can only make for a stronger COMMUNITY.

(see what I did there?)


I’m very not familiar with any of the East Coasters. I was hoping someone here who posts bi-coastally can reach out and make first contact.
@ipsedixit ???

I’ve already done it.


@robert it might make sense for you to contact the administrator at Hungry Onion regarding consolidation.

If you look at their posts, there have already been requests to consolidate the two boards.

The question I think, at this point, is how.

As the two of you - robert and Hungry Onion - are the owners of the respective boards I think it makes the most sense for the two of you to discuss the approach.


I think it would be great if both sites could be combined/consolidated somehow. I am currently signed up on both, but with the WFD group I host on Fb, it’s getting a bit much to keep up on so many parallel things…

So - fingers crossed!


I emailed ckshen.


Cheers, and here’s hoping he responds in the positive…

Do you really want to have WFD on both FB and here? I know you can’t consolidate but could you or would you be interested in just posting that you’re closing that one down and having it be here?

I wasn’t aware of Hungry Onion until I read about it here. I HAD to join there, too. But we really don’t need both websites – do we?

I’m not going to post on both and I’m guessing others won’t either. So having them both just dilutes both. In addition Food Talk Central would be more likely to show up on a random search than Hungry Onion. Just sayin’.

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I am on both. I also finally joined egulllet since many ex-Chowhounders are posting there too. I do hope that talkcentral and the onion will join forces.

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I looked at eGullet but the SF area regional board had virtually no traffic. Are any of their regional boards very busy?

I did the same, Robert, and found little anywhere about dining.

Not at this point, no. Several members have voiced their concern about the fb group being closed down or moved. As long as these two sites haven’t consolidated, we’re keeping the fb group.


Oh, that’s a good point. Hopefully they can be. I’m a lot older than you :slight_smile: and can’t keep up with too many.

I have lurked at egullet for a long time but never saw much trafffic in regional boards that I am interested. I thought that the great exodus from Chowhound might result in more which is why I decided to join. I will miss the France ans Italy bored on CH should it continue its decline. There are some great posters there. I do not suspect that European Chowhounds are likely to enjoy this or the Hungry Onion. I hope I am really wrong on this.

I emailed ckshen saying that some users suggested a merger, but he has some ideas about a not-for-profit structure, which to me seems like a lot of extra time, expense, and paperwork. He also said something about public domain, but I wouldn’t have anything to do with a site that wanted me to turn over my copyrights (maybe that’s not what he meant). Whicih reminds me, I need to update the terms of service.

My feeling is that there’s no significant profit to be made, so the less overhead and complication the better. It’s not very time-consuming, I put the site together and have been running it on my coffee breaks. It’s cheap to operate and in the long run maybe the Google ads will make it pay for itself.