Canned abalone

Parents gave this to me a few mos ago:

I’ve never prepped abalone in my life. What do people recommend?


One thing I remember is having these abalone dinners . Harvested from Pigeon point or a secret spot that my father new the farmer to cross his property. Of course with a gift . Black abalone pounded thin . Egg and milk wash dipped in soda crackers. Sauted in butter 30 seconds a side . California abalone fishing suspended indefinitely. Those tiny farmed ones .I’m sorry .

  • Open can
  • Drain (retain liquid and treat as clam broth for misc. cooking applications)
  • Slice thinly
  • Enjoy

What are you apologizing for? Seems like a great memory. Okay abalone fishing gone. In these days it would be panko rather than soda crackers. Again a great memory!

This is the way my dad would “prep” it when I was growing up. :slight_smile: Guess his way is fine.

Add thin slices of it to oden for a Buddha power-up.

But if you want to regift, though, PM me.


It’s actually the de rigueur flex move for premium canned Aussie abalone. None of that cooking (or sharing) nonsense. Like digging straight into a tin of caviar with an MOP spoon.



That is so noble of you to offer!

I have access to a bunch of that stuff and have still never tried it. Thanks for some inspo.