Cantonese with private room

Hi, everybody. I have friends who are getting married on a Friday in June. They want a Manhattan location with a separate room or area where they could have the ceremony and might hire a keyboard player. They might have around 30 people and might want the room for about 3 hrs. Bonus for a liquor license, though as long as they can have some bubbly poured, they’re cool with bringing it themselves.

I should say they’re not definitely set on Cantonese, but they want a cuisine that’s not primarily spicy, so I think Cantonese (or Shanghainese, if there were any really good Shanghainese banquet places in Manhattan, but I don’t know of any) would work well. Italian would undoubtedly please them, too, but I know it’s more expensive. The groom doesn’t love seafood, but he’s not too particular, otherwise, and I believe the bride does like seafood. So I think anyplace that’s primarily non-spicy, serves good food (even if he’s not particular, some of his guests will be) and serves a good variety of items will do nicely, providing their other criteria are met. Unfortunately, they’re not very familiar with private room costs, and I don’t have a clear idea of what their budget is, but money might be somewhat of an object.

DaDong and Jue Lan Club both have private rooms.

Da Dong’s online menus don’t even have prices. What kinds of prices are we talking? Jue Lan looks fairly expensive.

These folks are unfortunately now considering Carmine’s, which will run them more than a better meal at a place like Congee Village, but I don’t know if they’d pay more for upscale Chinese. However, I’m certainly interested in knowing more, as I haven’t been to either of these places. I know Da Dong is a ka ya specialist from Beijing.

DaDong is comparable to Jue Lan in terms of pricing.

If you’re looking to book a room for 30 people you’re easily looking at 150+/head before alcohol at most nicer places (Carmine’s excluded).

I’m now suggesting they look into Otto or Supper as better options for Italian. It’s not my wedding. If it were, I would surely choose a delicious place, but particularly delicious food just isn’t important to many people. Thanks for your suggestions.

They might also check out Paul and Jimmy’s. We had dinner there not too long ago. Food was well-prepared and very tasty.

I’m unfamiliar with Paul and Jimmy’s. Their prices look a bit higher than Otto or Supper, but I’ll mention it, just the same, as I definitely trust your taste.

I’m flattered that you trust my taste! I’ve never been to Otto or Supper. Paul & Jimmy’s is “old school” Italian-American done very well.

I do think that before your friends decide, they should eat at the places they’re considering, talk to the person who will be in charge of planning and executing the event, and see the space where it will place.

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Old School Italian-American would go over very well.

I would give my friends the same advice, if they asked. But keep in mind, these aren’t people with very demanding palates.

Even if they don’t try the food, they should at least look at the spaces.

If you’re considering Italian, might I suggest you look at Aunt Jake’s

Thanks. That’s another place I don’t know.