Capital Seafood Beverly Hills [Dim Sum]: A Pictorial Essay

San Gabriel Valley-level quality dim sum returns to Beverly Hills! Since the closure of Hakkasan, there has been a void in the availability of good dim sum closer to the Westside. However, the opening of Capital Seafood Beverly Hills on Restaurant Row (which occupies the space previously held by New Port Seatood) changes the dining landscape, and marks a triumphal return of this Cantonese tradition to this part of town. I found the cooking and quality of my weekend meal to be on par with its sister restaurant, Capital Seafood in the SGV (Arcadia, to be exact).

Reservations: Accepted, though there were many open tables when we walked in. I suppose word hasn’t gotten out. Yet.

Parking: Easy, for there are metered spots all along La Cienega . It becomes a bit pricey if one parks opts for convenience and uses the parking lot adjacent to the restaurant. The costs here is $5.50 on weekends (the validation stamp the restaurant gives out, as I found out to my chagrin, doesn’t mean much to the parking kiosk guy as one exits).

Decor: Subdued and elegant. Lots of spacious seats. The live seafood holding tanks are not in full display, but rather are back in the kitchen area. There are private rooms, and also a large bar area.

Service: Quite good. There is a good selection of tea: Your typical Jasmine, Pu Erh, Chrysanthemum & Tieguanyin tea leaves are all available. Tea kettles were refreshed routinely, and plates were changed out appropriately. No complaints here. There are none of those anachronistic dim sum carts here… Dim sum plates are made to order, and arrive fresh from the kitchen. Manager Calvin (@dimsumbrunch) circulates to makes sure customers are well cared for.

… and now, onto the food!!!

Har gow…

Chicken feet…

Leaf-wrapped sticky rice…

Steamed minced beef ball…

Minced pork, dried shrimp & peanut dumpling…

Turnip cake…

Shredded pork & preserved egg congee…

Bake charsiubao…

Steamed shrimp balls coated with glutinous rice…

Shrimp rice noodle… This was superb.

Steamed vegetable bun…

Shrimp & chive fried dumplings…

Steamed charsiubao…

Roast duck (half portion)… Really tasty!

Mushroom e-fu noodles… Winner.

Baked curry charsiu pastry dumpling… These were super good, with a nice balance of flavors.

Sweet soft tofu in ginger syrup… Capital serves a wonderful version of this dish!

Egg custard bun with pineapple crust…

Mango pudding…

Baked crispy bread with almond cream & ginkgo…

Steamed salted egg yolk custard bun…

Baked egg custard tart…

Cantonese sponge cake…

Though most of us here on this food board are willing to drive vast distances for proper flavors, it doesn’t mean we don’t value convenience. For many Westsiders, I predict that dim summing at Capital Seafood becomes a part of their regular rotation. Classic dim sum favorites are well-prepared, and the kitchen delivers orders briskly.

Of course, Capital Seafood also serves full lunch and dinner menus as well. A Cantonese-style banquet menu is available upon request (I, for one, am interested in trying this on a future date)…


Capital Seafood Beverly Hills
50 N. La Cienega Bl., Suite #130
Beverly Hills, CA 90211


This looks great. I’ve never seen those steamed shrimp balls coated in rice. The last few years we’ve been getting the rice noodles with beef instead of shrimp and like them a lot. Is the menu also in English? Thanks for a great and succinct :slight_smile: writeup.

What are the prices for dim sum? Clicked on the website link but cannot access anything. Thanks.

Thanks. Yes, these rice-coated shrimp balls are gaining in popularity. And yes, this being Beverly Hills, the menu is definitely translated to English.

Not the cheapest (gotta pay the Beverly Hills rent, baby!).
Level “A” dim sum: $4.95 each
Level “B” dim sum: $5.95 each
Level “C” dim sum: $6.95 each
Level “K” (Kitchen special order format): $7.95 each
Tea or condiments: $1.50 per person.


23 dishes! :thinking: How big was your party?!

For comparison:
Sea Harbour
S - $3.68
M - $4.98
L - $5.98
SP - $7.68
T - $8.68
C - $8.98
Tea - $1.88pp

So I suppose that I won’t out of Capital Seafood below $35 - $40 pp. Does their quality warrant such high price relative to the SGV higher end offerings?

It’s on par with Lunasia, where their dim sum starts at $3.88 (but that’s if you get BBQ Pork Baos, Ham Sui Gok) and $4.88 (har gow, siu mai). It’s not that much more expensive (on par with The Palace in West LA), and prices are cheaper than Bao Dim Sum on Beverly.

Nice. I saw this sign a few weeks ago and figured it was the big SGV chain. Thanks for posting these photos.

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Mrs. J_L, Chowpup, and myself. (AKA our usual M.O.)


Impressive as always.

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You are too kind. #leftoversfordays

Even if you did, the parking would put it over the top. :smiley:

FWIW, I felt that the Capital Seafood dim sum is on the level of King Hua or China Red. The fascination here is the fact it’s within easy striking range of the Westside from a driving logistics standpoint. Again, keep in mind that they gotta pay them Beverly Hills rents…

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I can handle respectable quality dim sum + BH rent mark up. Thanks for posting. Look forward to trying this and trying it SOON (I love dofu hua).


The prices are roughly on par with what I recall CS charging for dim sum at the Irvine locations (now just at the Spectrum).

Just a heads up that you can sometimes split the difference by microwaving with a moist paper towel on top.

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Big thanks, OP. Going to be going since it’s in the area for us. The convenience is a huge factor and 20-30 more bucks wont kill us.

Let’s just keep cool heads about the pricing guys. We have no problem paying 4x wine mark-ups and 15$ for 3 pieces of cheese at non Asian places.


Nice pics as always. Everything looks good and I can’t wait to try it out.
Also this appears to be at the recently-shuttered Newport Seafood, so I hope Capital Seafood can thrive here.

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I agree. Hope there is no curse to this space… It’s nice to not always have to shlep to the SGV for decent dim sum.

Fair assessment. Definitely better than the Arcadia location so it’s not like you’re getting NBC Seafood or Ocean Star quality. Place was pretty empty at lunch time today, though.


Let’s break the curse, folks! For once I want a decent dim summery on the Westside to stick around!


Went here for a quick lunch today. Really solid option for the Westside. Had the occasional temptation to go to Bao Dim Sum House for curiosity’s sake, but glad I won’t have to scratch that itch now.

The Taiwanese Shrimp Egg Roll was tasty, nicely fried.

They stop serving dim sum at 3:00 pm.