Carnitas alert!

One of the Church groups at Holy Spirit on Pico, who fundraisers through food sales is cooking and serving Carnitas. Today only until 1:30 pm 2/16/2020 the have plates for $8 and other tasty things. 5300 Pico Blvd between Hauser and Redondo. If you are in the area, it’s worth it .

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Oh darn, sorry I missed this. We live so close and my husband would have been in hog heaven, so to speak.


too bad we didn’t know beforehand, it looked amazing.

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It seems like a) There are more of these happening at Holy Spirit. Especially since their New STEM School has to pay for their art teacher with one food fundraiser a month. and B) they have upped their food game. Normally the cauldrons for carnitas only come out on the Festival days like Pentecost Sunday which is this church’s “birthday” If you peek in the parking lot on a Sunday morning and see hand written menus and church ladies selling meal tickets. Come on by, you’ll likely find something yummy.


That’s right by me


so they believe in the full gospel?

Related, but I checked out the carnitas people who post up on 18th/western on the weekends. They have a pretty legitimate operation going. You can get all the cuts, ribs, snout etc.
maybe not on the level of El Momo, but still some of the best I’ve had in this city


is it just me, or do those tortillas look kinda beat up?

They are not good. So much so, that when we went there we ended up with burritos.

They have a good operation, but are seriously disorganized and inconsistent (they are cooking them too hot). I got super over cooked and dried out pieces. I got WAY undercharged for a Lb of Costillas… I had to throw money at them and the lady was still kinda annoyed at me. In the end, we opted never to return.

Instead, recently we had a wonderful carnitas meal meal at Chicharroland just south of Exposition Park.

First, each table comes with a basket of their warm and fresh Chicharones! I haven’t had Chicharones this good outside of Mexico City!

Some pieces even had meaty bits!

I ordered my beloved Costillas Plate. The Carnitas here are more on the softer rather than crispy style, but with plenty of succulent pork flavor. The Costillas were not flossy, but still super tender. The pieces they gave me were very meaty.

We went with @Jase. I think he has picture of the combo plate, which DOES include Costillas and Cueritos as well as their super yummy handmade tortillas. After years of being resigned that Zamoras at home is the best I could do outside of Oxnard… we are THRILLED to find this place…



I can definitely feel what you mean about it being disorganized. The woman taking money seemed overwhelmed.

I’ll have to check out your rec, because outside of Momo and some guys who occasionally show up at Olympic/central I haven’t found any good carnitas in this city

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Upon opening the door and being immediately hit with the heavy aroma of carnitas cooking, I had high hopes immediately. It smelled clean and fresh without any hint of old or burnt oil. Was very happy that the food met the hopes raised.

Combo plate

Tasty Tortillas


It looks like a fire hazard and a health department violation.

In their defense… they actually a really nice job keeping the corner clean and picked up after after they leave. That is what I mean by they have a good operation. They lay down clean cardboard under the cazos. There are several people monitoring them. At the end of the day (They are morning/afternoon operation), they scrub the sidewalk down with left over cooler water and fabulouso.

The disorganization comes with ordering and offerings. They need at least one more person taking and expediting orders.

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Villa Moreliana @ GCM?

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Totally unimpressed the two times I’ve been. Dry dry dry

What cuts did you order?
I always have to get extra napkins to clean up all the juice from all over my hands after I am done eating…

Costilla and carne with a little cueritos.
Weird maybe I’ve just happened to have off days. Next time I’m at GCM I’ll get another taco

Ooo! I would not get the Costillas at Villa Moreliana. It’s a tricky cut to begin with (Which is why I love it) and is prone to dry out, especially at the edges. I’m not the biggest fan of VM as I find their carnitas a bit tasteless, but their regular tacos are very satisfying and tender.

Honestly though, at GCM, I get my Carnitas fix at Ana Marias, it’s more flossy than VM and less tender. But I’m getting a Gordita and it hides a multitude of sins.

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What are your go to cuts when you’re evaluating a carnitas place? I feel like I know what I like but I have no real language for what I’m looking for besides if it tastes good or not

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Hi @AlwaysHungry,

Very odd, sorry to hear about your experience. In the… 12 - 15 times we’ve been to Villa Moreliana, their Costillas have never been dried out.

In fact their Costillas Carnitas are easily the best we’ve had in L.A. / O.C. of the places we’ve tried. Far better than Zamora Bros. and Carnitas Uruapan.

You can actually order 2 types of cuts per Taco if you want, so perhaps consider a combo like Maciza + Oreja, or Maciza + Trompa. For more lusciousness, maybe Costilla + Cueritos. Their Buche or Tripas Carnitas are also nice. I love their Patitas as well.