Carnitas El Canelo In Richmond, CA

I want to start a discussion of Carnitas el Canelo on Turpin in Richmond. They post on Instagram. It is evidently Puebla style . The “restaurant” has a metal roof and the walls consist of tarps. The street is overparked with monster trucks, and you have to wade through a lot of trash to get to the opening in the “tent.” The food is very good; the mole was the best I have ever had. We had two horchatas which were overly sweet for us, a chicken mole, and goat barbacoa with a garbanzo soup. It came with blue corn tortillas. I think we should have had the Carnitas as that seems to be their specialty The service is minimal. There doesn’t seem to be a paper menu. All we were given was a spoon each and some napkins. You sit on little metal stools, at a decorative plastic tablecloth. You can also get food to go. I suggest you ask what each thing costs before you order. Our order was $64.