Carnitas in the IE

Carnitas al Estilo Michoacan
818 S Mountain Ave
Ontario, CA 91762

Exactly what I’ve been searching for, a solid taqueria in the IE specializing in carnitas. I can’t stand the insipid versions of cubed and shredded dry meat with fat and gristle. As I entered this temple of pork, the porcine perfume was enough to give me a lhardon. I step up to the steam table counter.
“What do you want joven??”
I order three tacos and a mexican coke.

“Just go and get the coke mijo
Eat first and pay after place.

On the steam table are cueros, maciza/lomo, costillas, buche, and mixta. They also have chicharron en salsa verde and birria de res. Today for lunch I got three tacos, two mixta and one birria. The carnitas mixtas is moist, intensely porky, salty, garlicky…just delicious. The birria is alright, I wouldn’t get it again but I’m not really a fan of birria de res to begin with. Tortillas are not house made but fluffy and adequately soak of the drippings and jus from the birria.

Tacos are $2.00 but they hook it up FAT. They do a lot of to-go orders of carnitas by the pound. At 11:30AM there was a steady stream of customers, maybe half of them takeout. Garlicky salsa rojo, standard salsa verde and the ubiquitous carrot/jalapeno escabeche.

My new favorite place to lunch in the area!


I also recommend El Tarasco Meat Market in Rancho Cucamonga for carnitas and guacamole. Their chips are also really good.

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El Trigo (near UCR)

Off the 60 fwy, exit University, hang a right (or turn South) until you hit 12th St.