Cart Style Dim Sum in SGV for Mother's Day

I am a Valley Girl born and raised who has been eating dim sum for 50 years starting with those pink boxes that you would get at the back counter of Man Fook Low, graduating to Miriwa in the '70s. Once I moved to the SGV Ocean Star was my go-to before venturing out to explore newer dim sum restaurants that you order off a menu. Even though ordering off a menu at the likes of Sea Harbor, Elite, and Lunasia among others offer superior quality product, I still love the cart experience!!! I have been to NBC twice recently but not everything was to my liking. Har Gow was fine. Fried turnip cake was good. Shrimp on sugar cane was cold and rubbery–I won’t go on and on… I haven’t been back to Ocean Star in a while. As everyone knows it had gone down-hill but I’m thinking that is where I will go unless there are other suggestions. And please, constructive suggestions only. Thanks in advance. If no one comments, I will take the hint :wink:

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@ipsedixit, I should have mentioned that I had tried it a year ago and won’t go back. Blech!!!

Off-topic but I thought shrimp on sugar cane was Vietnamese. No?

Actually Ocean Star has made a comeback of sorts, at least for lunchtime dim sum. I’d rate both Ocean Star and NBC both “decent” for cart dim sum.

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Looks like both cuisines have a version.

My wish was granted but my husband–who isn’t the biggest dim sum fan (because he gravitates to the carb bombs–aka bao, still lamented on the way home that it just wasn’t as good as it used to be and that ordering off the menu was better. Maybe it hasn’t changed but our expectations have? When we got there, turnip cake–probably my most favorite dim sum of all time was being served 3 tables away. I got up and asked the cart lady for an order and asked for it crisp. She was happy to accommodate. I love the combination of the crunchy–slightly carmelized exterior and creamy yet crunchy interior. Such a nice way to start our meal. (I think I’ve been ordering the taro cake instead of radish cake at Sea Harbor but I don’t remember their radish cake being pan fried which is one reason I didn’t go there is the first place). Can’t say the rest of the meal was as good as the turnip cake. All of the steamed items were delish–har gow, shrimp with leeks, etc. Had some deep fried won ton with shrimp–cold and rubbery. Was very excited to see shrimp with walnuts–not the best rendition I’ve had–too doughy and not crisp enough but the mayonnaise dressing was good. Baked pork pastries were still slightly warm and just ok tasting. Coconut and red bean jello had good flavor but wish it were creamier. Anyway, I think I’m done waxing nostalgic and will stick to dim sum restaurants where you order off the menu.


Where did you go?

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My bad! We ended up at Ocean Star.

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