Casa bianca pizza pie

who knew they were on the cutting edge for so many years?

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this ignores the easy-to-hold-in-one-hand nature of the square ‘party cut’. And don’t even get me started about the crust distribution…

What is the relation to Casa Bianca?

casa bianca cuts their pizza in a bizarre way i’ve never been able to parse.

I’ve eaten well over a hundred of Casa Bianca’s pizzas, and they’ve always been sliced the “traditional” way…sure, sometimes a few slices might be larger or smaller, but traditional. Are you sure you’re thinking about the right place, or are you just trying to have a laugh…?

This is one of the worst things I’ve ever read from HuffPo

Sure, they might not be equal in value since not each slice comes with crust, but at least they’re equal in size AND they’re exotic.

So much fail it hurts.

i’ve eaten a lot of casa bianca’s pizzas, too. could you explain to me what the “traditional” way is?
because all i ever see is a bunch of random lines and random shapes.

Like the picture at the top of the page. A circle sliced vertically, horizontally, and then NW to SE and NE to SW.

this has not been my experience.
what you describe – triangular shaped wedges – is how most round pizzas
are cut.
every single casa bianca pizza i’ve had has been cut some other way.

If only there was a resource with tons of pictures of Casa Bianca pies that we could reference…

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excellent job, amigo. look at the fourth pic from the left on the top row. random, i say. totally random.

That picture looks like normal wedges to me. Here’s an odd one:

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granted it’s hard to tell by the pic. you certainly chose better.

That pattern makes sense to me for pizzas over ~16" in diameter. Long, narrow wedges are hard to eat and the toppings tend to fall off.