Catch 56 in Hollywood - Fish and, um, Fish

Interesting concept, kind of along the lines of Fish Grill, but way better quality, and much more chill. The menu is on a big board over the order counter. You pick the fish, how it’s cooked and what side you want. Not too many choices, but that’s the beauty of it.

The choices are Cod, Salmon, Calamari, Shrimp or shrimp on a skewer with pineapple. You can have it fried or grilled, and the sides are chips (fries), cajun chips, herbed rice or salad. That’s the whole menu. Once you order, you take a seat and they bring you the food. It takes about 10 minutes.

There’s a table with various sauces like tartar sauce, honey mustard, BBQ sauce, hot sauce, ketchup, etc. You can load up while you’re waiting. But honestly the fish doesn’t really need sauce.

The grilled salmon with salad as the side. For all the dishes, the fish is placed on top of the side, which is good because you get more of the side dish. The salmon was cooked perfectly. Tender and moist, with some spices on top. No need for sauce, but a squirt of lemon was good. This is a very healthy meal for a no-meat Friday.

Not so healthy, but quite tasty with the spicy cajun chips (fries), the fried cod made a delightful fish and chips. Like the salmon, it was cooked perfectly, with a crunchy batter crust and tender white flaky meat inside.

There’s not much parking around there, but for some reason I’ve had a very easy time finding street parking on Hollywood or one of the side streets.

Catch 56
5615 Hollywood Boulevard (between 101 and Western)

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