Categories page redesign

The number of topics was getting too long for a single list, so I created parent categories and manually put them in alphabetical order. I also hid Uncategorized from that page.

I’m working on putting a welcome message at the top of the page but there seems to be a bug.

I may customize fonts etc. later as part of a general overhaul to make the site look less like generic Discourse.

Hi Robert,

I appreciate the reorganization but the site is broken now. Notes:

First, if you click on any of the Sub-Forums/Boards under each major heading (e.g., under USA West, I attempt to click on “Los Angeles” Board link), it errors out:

Page Not Found
while trying to load /c/los-angeles/l/latest.json
Oops, the application tried to load a URL that doesn’t exist.


I can’t reproduce that. You may need to log out and back in, or your login may have timed out.

Hi Robert,

Just retried it by forcing myself to Log Off and then Logged back in.

It worked. But can you see if this might happen to all regulars? It would be unfortunate if everyone had to manually Log Off and Log back in to FTC to fix this issue. (just worry about drop off.)

Can confirm. Got the 404, logged out logged back in and got the correct page. But I had probably been logged in since I opened my account.

Edit: it looks like HO has had similar issues with their regional boards, for what that’s worth.