Cédric Grolet pop-up this weekend at Dominique Ansel

PSA: if you have a couple of hours to kill this weekend. He’ll be in SoHo Friday through Sunday. Line was at least 100 deep this morning at 8:30 :confounded:

You need to arrrive by ~ 7am to avoid running out of the 3 offerings.

How was it? While his fruit pastries are beautiful, to me his Paris-Brest outshines them.

Honestly I wasn’t blown away, didn’t help that they charged $18 for one. I suppose it was good thing they ran out and only had 1 flavor left when it came to my turn. I had initially planned to get all 3 flavors.

Pierre Herme is such an amazing under the radar deal in comparison. Never thought I’d ever write "Pierre Heme + deal + under the radar " in the same sentence. I should shut up about PH so they remain under the radar, I hate lining up for anything.

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I am already a fan of PH :slight_smile:

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