Celebrating California Through the Lens of Israel, Turkey, Yemen and Beyond - Brunch, Lunch and Dinner at Kismet! (w/ Pics)



Thanks for the beautiful and inviting Kismet intro. Most of the dishes you illustrated contained no meat except for the lemony chicken wrapped in filo. You mention they also serve lamb and squid on their menu. Do Kismet serve other meat and seafood dishes?

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Hi @fallingleaves,

Thanks! :slight_smile: Yes, let’s see… Besides the Lemony Chicken Pies, there’s the Freekeh Polenta with Lamb (Brunch / Lunch item), Squid on the Plancha (both of these pictured above).

They have a Lamb Belly dish with Turnips, Carob, Quinoa and Marinated Mussels. And a Rabbit dish.

It is really interesting how little meat is on their menus.

I am super curious about that rabbit dish. You didn’t happen to ask how it is prepared did you?

I also wonder what their Turkish Breakfast is like on the lunch menu.

The poached eggs I see in the dishes more resemble the 63 degree (C) egg than poached. I wonder if they sous vide them, but call them poached on the menu.
Great reporting, @Chowseeker1999! I love the use of fresh produce and how they work hard to showcase it.

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Isn’t sous vide just really precise poaching for eggs?

Or what is the difference?

You’re right, @Aesthete. Oftentimes, if the egg is sous vide, the menu will advertise it. I don’t think I’ve ever been to a restaurant where they don’t proudly post a 63 degree egg on the menu. This is new for me because @Chowseeker1999’s pictures are captioned poached, but my eyes and brain see sous vide…semantics…I was just curious.

I saw that. And I really don’t like that approach for shakshuka. Just a personal preference for a bit of bite to the whites for that dish in particular.

Great report! I’m loving the focus on vegetables here. Can’t wait to try this place. Thank you!

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Looks awesome, thanks for the great report.

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this place looks pretty cool. would you say it’s fairly
priced for the amount of food you get?

many thanks.

Hi @attran99,

Thanks. :slight_smile: I hope you get a chance to try it and see what you think.

Hi @frommtron,

I’m also looking forward to your thoughts if you end up going. Yah, it’s nice to get an eatery that really focuses on making our California produce sing (and not just as a side dish / afterthought). Thanks! :slight_smile:

The food looks wonderful. But is the seating as uncomfortable as it looks in the Eater article?

Looks scrumptious! Sarah and Sara sounds like an '80s cop show lol.

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That’s some beautiful food. Thanks for the report as always!

It’s nice to have an eatery in town that’s serving a type of cuisine that I’m really not familiar with. New experiences are always fun. Will have to check this place out.

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Thanks for the report, we have a reservation next week. Hope there is enough meat on the menu for me.

I would like to see more cocktails on the menu, but will give the soju punch a dry and maybe some white wine.

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Hi @linus,

Thanks. I would say, “Yes.” On the 3 visits, our total bill ranged from ~$37 - $52 per person total (including tax & tip). And the time we broke $50 we had leftovers.

Hi @Bookwich,

Thankfully no. :slight_smile: I tried both the benches (against the wall) and the seats, and they were comfortable. I hope you get a chance to try it.

Definitely agree @tailbacku. That’s what makes Kismet so interesting for us. :slight_smile:

Guessing they don’t have a full liquor license? Also, the food doesn’t exactly look like cocktail-friendly food haha

Get the rabbit for two! =)