Celebration Restaurant - Santa Barbara

I’ve reviewed the great recommendations in current Santa Barbara thread, but am hoping for a few excellent ideas for a significant anniversary dinner. All fine dining or not too loud/casual ideas would be appreciated.

Thanks very much in advance!

I love Toma. Its outstanding Italian, Great service, pretty and quiet near the pier.

If you dont mind a bit of a drive, SK Kitchen in Santa Ynez is great food. More casual and a good lunch option as well.


Toma looks like a great fit, I truly appreciate the help. We’ll also keep the Santa Ynez option in mind for lunch too. We were thinking to have our other dinner at the hotel (El Encanto), but open on this too.

Thanks so much.

We really enjoyed our meal at Loquita when we were there earlier this year. The outside patio felt very safe and well distanced between tables. The food was great and had some excellent wine/drinks.


I spend a lot of time in Santa Barbara, as it is my main getaway from LA, so I’ve tried a lot of the restaurants.

My favorite restaurant in the Area is Sushi/Bar in Montecito. For $125, you get a very inventive omakase that is just plain delicious. Note–this is not a highly authentic purist experience. You’re going to get dishes like albacore belly with corn pudding. But once you let go of the authenticity issue, you can have an amazing meal with delicious sake pairings on a lovely street.

I also like Toma. Not sure what it’s like during Covid, as I normally love the space inside.

Also, again depending on your willingness to drive, I am enamored with Nocciola in Ojai.


Thanks Haeldaur and JS for the recommendations. Unfortunately, the spouse is a hard no on sushi. The menu at Loquita looks amazing; does the restaurant feel special occasion? (We had plans A,B and C for our 25th anniversary but COVID concerns has reduced it to a couple of nights in Santa Barbara).

Providence, Hayato and Cut were 3 of the first restaurants that came to mind when I think of special occasion (not sure why?).

Loquita is definitely not in the same vein. I’d put it in the category of a Majordomo, Bestia, Bavel - more casual. A very nice experience sitting on the patio. Not as loud as many of the LA dining rooms so you can have a conversation. Most importantly great food.


Thanks JS, your description is perfectly clear.

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Im in Santa B. this month on a Sunday afternoon/evening/Monday morning. Does anyone have strong opinions on a Republique/republique reminiscent, outdoor type breakfast place? Were two, heading Southeast toward palm springs. anywhere outside of SantaB., heading that way is great too.

just booked Toma for the weekend. Tx

Thanks for posting we loved our first dinner at Toma after wine tastings. Great Short rib and Pork Chop and a pretty nice veg filled lasagna

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