Celebratory spot open at 3 pm on Saturday?

Aunt is having a very small party - 6 people total, this Saturday at 3 pm. The time is the major issue - I know plenty of good spots that are open for dinner, but not earlier.

Trying to keep it under 75 a head - drinks are not a concern. Preferably not too loud. Sushi is a no-go. Location - we’re centered in Hollywood, so anywhere between the 405 and Downtown is probably fine. Any ideas?


Petrossian on Robertson near Beverly might be a good option given your criteria.

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Pizzeria mozza
Connie & teds


Thanks! After looking over the menus they decided on AOC. We’ll see how it goes - I’ve been looking forward to trying it for a while, actually.

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To keep it under $75pp, don’t order too much caviar.

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Order the clams or mussels if they are offering them.

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Despite a couple missteps, AOC turned out very well.

It turns out that from 3-5 pm is their “limited” menu - Brunch ends at 3, and Dinner only starts at 5 - so we were left with charcuterie, sandwiches, salads, and “lunch plates”. Thankfully the food was very still very good - charcuterie was up there, pickles were great, the burger was actually possibly the best I’ve ever had (though I haven’t explored the top options in LA yet). My albacore salad was the only disappointment, and even that was a relative thing - it was fine, just not great. Anywhere else it would probably be above average.

Alcohol program - the little we tried - was very good. The one cocktail I got my hands on would easily have stood in any of the top bar programs in the city.

Dessert ranged from good to excellent - the honey panna cotta being far and away the best option. Everything else was good too.

Bill, at ~60 a head after tip/tax, was very reasonable, especially given that we did order alcohol, multiple desserts, coffee, etc.

I do want to come back and try their dinner menu now.


AOC is very good. If the weather is good the patio is really nice.