Cento Pasta Bar Lunch @ Mignon: A Pictorial Essay

Restauranteur Santos Uy, fresh off a great review this past week by Besha Rodell for his Hollywood bistro Papilles, has yet another hit on his hands. This time he’s teamed up with Bestia & Sotto pasta Chef Avner Lavi to form a lunchtime “pasta pop-up” at Mignon Wine Bar in Downtown L.A. It’s a great deal for locals and those working downtown looking for a high-quality and relatively inexpensive midday meal (a 3-item menu here will set you back $18).

Menu items changes weekly:

Crostino with chicken pate, bacon & aged balsamic: The bread soaks up just enough of the balsamic & liver - excellent.

Orecchiette with beef bolognese: Perfect al dente, hearty but not heavy.

This was the best panna cotta I’ve had all year.

They are open 11AM to 3PM Tuesday through Friday.


thank you for this!

I read about this previously and am very interested in checking it out. Now that they’re open for business, I’ll have to find a way to swing by for lunch fairly soon.

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Does the pasta taste as good as at Bestia/Sotto??

If so this place needs to be supported and turned into its own full-time B&M. To see plates of pasta on such a level for $9 is unreal.

Looks great. I need to remember this. If I lived in Italy I’d be so fat.

I just had the red beet pasta at Cento (yes, you read that right, beet pasta); comes with a dollop of goat cheese and a judicious sprinkling of chives. Just fantastic. The subtle sweetness of the beet pasta balances out perfectly with the tangy tartness of the goat cheese.

Just fantastic stuff.

Looks like Twizzlers, eats like ribbons of saffron.

They have night hours now??

Not that I am aware of.

Ah ok so your wasn’t literal haha

It is indeed good stuff! My favorite dish at Cento. Could go down as their signature dish.