Ceramic VS. Cast Iron

I’m looking to purchase a new cast iron frying pan for making fried chicken. Was going to pull the trigger on one only to read it wasn’t cast iron, but ceramic. It looked just like cast iron. What’s the difference? Don’t say one is iron and one isn’t. lol

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aren’t they both cast iron? the ceramic ones like le cruset are just coated in ceramic but has a cast iron core. we’ve fried with both and both will do fine for frying purposes.

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Can you post a link? There is such a thing as 100% ceramic cookware, but most is ceramic-coated metal.

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Cast Iron, the dark color helps with clean-up (or lack thereof). Just allow that grease to build up for decades.

Can you post a link? Pure ceramic likes to be heated and cooled slowly. I would be worried about it cracking or breaking with a lot of oil.

I went back and read the add it says it’s not a frying pan. It can only be used in the oven or on a grill. It would crack on direct heat.


I have a couple of oven-safe ceramic serving dishes that look like miniature enameled cast iron. If you pick one up it’s obviously not anywhere near heavy enough.