Chaba Thai

Anyone been yet? I just had lunch there the other day. We stuck to the pedestrian choices, Pad Thai, red curry, and Yum Nua. It’s not LOS or Sab-E-Lee, but centrally located, very budget friendly, and the service is efficient. A good choice for a quick, inexpensive, non-fast food lunch.

Next time you’re in the area, walk across the street to the strip mall and head to Dumpling Hut.

One of the few places in SD offering Tianjin/Taiwanese breakfast fare. Make sure to try the Tianjin crepe (or egg wrap) with Chinese crullers (or yiou-tiao), as well as the Gou Bu Li boazi.

I’ve been there! Soooooo delish. I write a restaurant review column for our department’s monthly newsletter and I reviewed Dumpling Hut.


I knew I liked you.

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Tee’d up for so many donut shop jokes here- I just don’t know where to begin!

Fakey and his rapier wit everyone! (clap)

Dang, I was just at JT’s Thai, had the Pad Siu with chicken. Noodles were very thin and soaked up the sauce.
Mushrooms nicely sauteed. A definite reorder. Do they spice things up on request?

Well, I like medium spicy and I asked for a “4.” Their 4 was near the top end for me, enough that I will not bark up the tree past 5.

Speaking of Thai…went to the Sab e Lee, in Rancho P. before headed to Nordy’s rack for some Pad Thai pan fried tofu, spicy 8 with extra peanut sauce…damn, its almost as good as LOS in Vegas!!

The fresh cilantro mixed with bites of the dish were delightful…
Besides Mex, I could chow down on Thai, everyday.

I added more sambal, since its never hot enough for me…you hearing me, Dr. C?

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ohhhhh L O S…gawwwd we love that place.

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Yes, I hear you loud and clear BC. I’ve not been to LOS, but Sab-E-Lee in Linda Vista and it’s sister, Thai Papaya (originally Thai Papaya Pak Pak) are the two places I think of most often for great Thai food in San Diego. And I’m glad that you were able to enjoy it at spicy level 8. The chilies add a lot to the flavor, not just the heat.

LOS is the Mother ship of Thai restaurants!!

Right on brother…

Get thee stat to Vegas baby to eat at Lotus of Siam…even Herr Honk loves this place!

4 :question::bangbang::question:
Is that the equivalent to Pace mild sauce?

ha! I like to be able to eat without sweating.