Chainsaw - Echo Park

Karla Subero Pittol, former pastry chef of Here’s Looking at You, and a former Providence sous chef, Max Sheffler, had been looking for a space in echo park to open up an “elegant dive bar with food” per Eater. But I guess COVID hit and they’re now slinging quality pies, ice cream, sorbets, and lunchboxes out of their home in Echo Park.

I’m definitely looking forward to trying their ever-changing lunchbox Sundays! @hanhgry

Ordering is EZPZ. You simply pay through their website and they’ll email you asking for a pickup time. For new drops, check out their IG.

Contactless pickup in style:

two-hand side pie | nectarine, plum, strawberry, date, vanilla bean whipped cream
for the good ol’ cultists that worshipped Karla’s pies at Here’s Looking at You a few years back, you wouldn’t wanna miss this seasonal galette. the fabulous pie crust is oh-so-buttery with plenty of sugary crunch, but the star of the show is the lightly stewed mixed fruit filling that’s perfumed and delightfully tangy.

milk chocolate + buckwheat + blueberry ice cream
this one is a wowzer! who would’ve thought the trio of chocolate milk, buckwheat, and blueberry would combine so harmoniously?! i’m already thinking of getting another pint…for research as @PorkyBelly would say.

genmaicha + grilled strawberry ice cream
genmaicha is mix of roasted brown rice and green tea but the flavor is a bit overwhelmed by milk flavor. intense strawberry notes and aroma, on the other hand, shine through beautifully!


thanks for the tag, this looks really good. the genmaicha strawberry ice cream is on my list for sure!

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I much preferred the milk chocolate one. By the way, they offer half pints too if you just wanna dabble.

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Woah what the heck. I am a sucker for trying out non-matcha tea-flavored ice creams right now and this genmaicha totally sounds super interesting. Definitely going to have to try this out next time I’m making a stop in Echo Park! Thanks for putting this out there, would never have seen it otherwise!


Did it place the lotion in the basket?


I wanna see my mommy.


I saw that delivery technique on Better Call Saul I think. Different product…but a similar rush.


I got two box lunches from Chainsaw this weekend - one regular and one vegan.

Here’s the menu for the standard, the vegan menu isn’t online. The boxes were $36 each, and with taxes and tip hovered just under $90. It was good, although the price point makes me unlikely to repeat. I appreciate these are extraordinary times, however I do not feel like my partner and I experienced a $90 lunch.

Grilled pork sandwich~ pork shoulder, shredded lovage and gem lettuce, blush tomatoes, smoked potatoes, black butter, garlic mayo

side ~ red hot chopped salad w/ chicories, kale, yuba, pickled habanadas, dragon tongue beans, turnips, and tons of herbs

Beverage of your choice [not on website, but this week meant a can of Tecate or a bottle of Topo Chico]

Lime and passion fruit pie!

After purchasing online and indicating my vegan preference, there was a quick email back and forth confirming dietary needs. I believe the vegan sandwich was a smoked potato, and the dessert was fruit with some kind of crunchy added. I didn’t try either(he eats fast!) and the menu didn’t get sent to me.

The food - good. Standouts include the bread of the sandwich, and the pie which had a whipped top layer, and was extremely delicious. All portions were correct to one person. Honestly, the quality of the food reminded me of what Mendocino Farms used to be, or maybe even this is Huckleberry territory?

However, as far as “front-of-house” I still feel a little sticker shock. It was $90 for two picnic lunches that got ordered early in the week, and then picked up on the weekend. I picked this weekend because my partner and I were having a small celebration; it would have been nice if the day’s menu had been displayed at the pick-up area, or included in the boxed lunches. I remembered I got a pork loin sandwich, but couldn’t recall any other details.

When I purchased the lunches, there were lots of options for additional sides, booze, ice cream, pies, etc. When I got to the pick up place at my appointed time, they were running about 10 minutes late so I got to watch them cook, listen to the birds, and peruse the posted drinks menu. I think the food menus all have to be pre-ordered, but they seemed very eager to upgrade existing orders with late addition drinks. Cool - good on you and respect the hustle. But then when getting my food, they asked directly if they could tack on some alcohol - no thanks. And suddenly I’m feeling like my order is too small for them and they don’t give any reminders, hints, cheerleading about the food that’s been purchased.

Maybe these FOH thoughts aren’t reasonable for a to-go operation, but the operation is clearly aiming for a higher tier product.



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Your gentle author took two bottles of Topo Chico. :grinning:

Thanks for the report. I was gonna try the lunchbox but then they dropped the # of sides from 2 to 1 and raised the price by 20%…

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Yeah, and I think the sides can be ordered when you order lunch boxes, but not by themselves. If I lived close and wanted to give myself a nice moment, I’d get the handpie for a breakfast treat. Again, the pie and bread were really great.

The pork loin was good - if it was accompanied with a mostly outdoor seated experience with someone bringing me food, and birds chirping I’d chalk it up to “I ordered things that didn’t give me enough bang for the buck.”