Chandavkl Hints Chinese Restaurant on Crenshaw Is His New Favorite

Recently Chandavkl sent out a tweet implying that New China Mongolian BBQ on Crenshaw was his new favorite Chinese restaurant and linking to his latest posting. While there is a discussion of the restaurant in the article, it’s really secondary to his reflections on the neighborhood which are quite interesting.


Hey @chandavkl, my mom grew up on Chesapeake Ave as well, but between Exposition Blvd and Rodeo Rd.


What a lovely post!! I grew up not too far from the area and even in the 80s and 90s there were still plenty of Asians in the neighborhood. When we were looking for homes in the area 5 years ago, we just missed out on a lovely home that was in the hands of a Japanese family. It had a full on apple tree in the back…

I drive past New China Mongolian BBQ everyday. I saw it come in and unfortunately because it’s facing west it gets a LOT of sun coming in through the window’s everyday and so the windows in the front are all covered. I assumed it was one of those bullet proof glass steam table places I have absolutely no interest in going to, even though I like Mongolian BBQ. But one night after getting out of class late, I drive past and the window shades were up and there was not plexiglass to be seen! Instead a nice center steam table and a big Mongolian Grill.

I yelped the place and already it got great reviews. Turns out it’s an off shoot from a place in Inglewood in Century. A complete buy by the 1lb place and they have LAMB for their Mongolian BBQ. So P and I went today…

Since it’s new, it’s pretty clean. Like the Inglewood original it’s in a strip mall with okay but not great parking. The steam table in the middle has your standard Chinese fare. Egg Rolls, Chow Mein, BBQ Pork. But some specials too like plantains and fried chicken.

I got the Mongolian BBQ and it was almost as good as my favorite place in Manhattan Beach. It’s all done by the lb here so you can load up on meats and veggies… any combo you like and then add noodles later.


I did a combo of Lamb and Beef, which was just enough gaminess to stand out but not overwhelm. The sauce was pretty straightforward. Next time I will add for more garlic.

P hit the steam table.

He was very happy as it all reminded him of the Chinese food he had growing up, especially the BBQ pork which had a nice glaze but not one note. It was also quite tender. The standout however was the Walnut Shrimp. They came out with a fresh batch and it was freshly fried and with a nice pronounced honey flavor.

My favorite item was the String beans. They use fresh string beans (They were trimming a whole box at a table nearby) and they are well fried and seasoned but still quite crisp and meaty. Honestly, I see myself stopping off quite a bit this summer, grab a lb of these green beans to go ($4!) and have it with some Meiji Tofu at home.



The aforementioned box of green beans


On the corner of crenshaw and what?

Stocker. NE corner.