Chandavkl on Flushing's Chinatown

@chandavkl [writes] (Chandavkl's Blog: Flushing Update) that it is the most vibrant Chinatown in the U.S.

A worthwhile read.

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Thanks for the plug. Makes more sense, though, reading the predecessor piece. Why Flushing's Chinese Food Is Flourishing - Menuism Dining Blog

Are those fish dumplings just fish, no wrapper?

Jiaozi, i.e. similar to pork, lamb, etc. dumplings, but with a minced fish filling instead

That’s one of my favorite dishes at Great China in Berkeley. Lots of other people’s, too, apparently, since they used to run out all the time.

I think the only thing @chandavkl enjoys more than fish dumplings is finding quality chicken dumplings in a tried-and-true Chinese restaurant.

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The best chicken dumplings are frozen at 99 Ranch Market. Runner up is the frozen Russian chicken pelmeni from Armenian markets like Super King.

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Have you tried the chicken dumplings at Din Tai Fung?

Dumplings, not XLB or shao-mai.

No, I just get the fish dumplings. And fried rice.

That is a great article!