Chandavkl’s Menuism article: Valley Blvd. nine mile Chinese restaurant row. Everything else pales by comparison


Sometimes, it’s easy to forget that it hasn’t been always that way.


I had no idea it stretched nine miles. Wonders never cease

i remember someone on CH a few years asking for people to join him on an effort to eat at every restaurant on valley blvd. i think the consensus response was that the folks at CH would prefer to patronize only the good places - and there were plenty that weren’t good.

i wonder what that person did.

FWIW valley square technically isn’t at the corner of new & valley but it’s close enough for government work, i suppose. and i guess i’ll keep calling san gabriel square focus plaza the same way people insist on referring to heavy noodling II as JYTH and the house of omar as “omar’s”.

In my original submitted version it was clear that Valley Square was not on the corner of Valley and New, as I described how Valley Square was next to the Old West themed Crawford’s Corner shopping center which was on the corner. However, for some reason they edited that part out.

editors do that.

That they do (waves at all my editors)

Valley Blvd. itself literally stretched on to San Bernardino. It was the old highway to Los Angeles. Over the years, the name/boulevard disappeared in Pomona and Ontario, but the name resumes east of that, through Fontana, Bloomington and Colton.

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That was Delyn Chow of Daw Yee Myanmar. I think he was dissuaded. TonyC was one of the dissuaders, having briefly attempted to do the same himself at one point. As I recall, Tony abandoned the idea after too many far from stellar places on the westernmost end.

You say Ahgoo’s, I say Ahgoo, let’s call the whole thing off :smile:

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no matter, as ahgoo is gone. so is golden brown chicken in alhambra, BTW. never did get around to trying their hainan chicken rice. the location was an odd one.

But I got them to change “on the corner” to “near the corner”