"Chandavkl talks Turkey"?

That’s not Peking duck hanging in Chinese restaurants, it’s Thanksgiving turkey and it looks amazing – Pasadena Star News

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


Damn that looks great

I hope this is something that catches on more from outside of the Chinese community.

Best part is saving the bones for turkey porridge, which is quite possibly the only time of the year that we eat turkey porridge
(Might be safe to say unique to Chinese-Americans)


i roasted a turkey last night for the homeless in pasadena. will be making turkey jook this weekend (i stuck the carcass in the freezer).


Why does the writer refer to bbq duck as peking duck?

It starts with turkey jook… Sometimes also ham jook… Sometimes a hybrid…

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the ham bone is IMO better reserved for making a bean or maybe split pea soup. but that’s not very chinese, i know.

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Is this Chinese turkey

Okay, next year I am getting one. Gotta. I’ve been wondering about them for years!

Me too.

Chinese turkeys suck.

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Perhaps . . .
But I’m going to try this in the next week or so and I have high hopes.


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That sounds like a worthy project. I would eat it. Keep us updated, please.

800 turkey meals at $40-$55 each for just one restaurant? That’s a lot of money, especially if most of them are takeout.