Chawanmushi - Recommendations

Where do you go for your favorite chawanmushi? Fancy and not are both appreciated.

Raku foie gras chawanmushi, with or without soba


casa arigato: neighborhood chawanmushi.




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Hot damn…I am so ordering that if it’s on the Vegas menu.

it indeed is

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Kagura Torrance

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So silky.

Recently had this version with uni, scallop, and shimeji mushroom at lunch at Sushi Tsujita. So tasty.

Wadatsumi (Torrance) also offers a quite serviceable chawanmushi for $5 at dinner and as part of the $12 lunch tray.

But yeah, that Raku chawanmushi is something else.

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We recently had a great chawanmushi at Restaurant Miura in Lomita. It’s part of the $75 omakase (which is totally worth it). Really light custard, barely there really, except for the taste sensation with lots of goodies throughout.

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