Cheap Eat Find: Blazing Grill

One of the best chicken bowls/plate I had for the price. No Yelp reviews. No where really mentioned. Not on Eater LA Cheap Eats list.

Only at Highland Park/Old LA Farmers Market, Lincoln Heights Farmers Market, Redondo Beach Farmers Market, and Irvine Farmers Market.

Chicken is grilled. Juicy, smokey, and sweet. The Chicken Combo comes with rice and veggies. Sauce and pineapple for the final touch.


Cheaper and better than Flame and Waba.

Business address is Garvey/Monterey Park, and the owner uses a Chinese cleaver expertly and high powered wok (the zucchini had a slight wok breath flavor). Hmmm former bad ass Chinese BBQ cook?

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Hm thanks for this. We generally don’t cover places that only serve at Farmer’s Markets.