Cheaper-end Sydney eats?

It seems likely I’ll be headed to Sydney for a month (mid june, probably).

The Sydney Fish Market looks like a can’t-miss (@Porthos, that crab looked AMAZING). Dare I ask

The high end prix fixe stuff isn’t generally to my taste (or, let’s be honest, budget). I’m looking for the mom and pop places. Any cuisine. thai, fish 'n chips. sushi. steaks, pasta, whatever…

I’m sure I’ll get help from the locals once I’m there, but any suggestions, warnings, advice are welcome and appreciated.

Thanks, everyone!

Black Star Pastry

They do some really good pastries.

And a wicked lamb shank braised in red wine meat pie. I think the other one is a really good beef stew one.

Their Facebook even advertises a Kangaroo pie

Lamb pie? Ok. I’m in. :slight_smile:

Sailor Thai
Lord Nelsons Pub in the Rocks
Best city in the world besides Melbourne…
Have a blast!

Go to Sean’s Panaroma at Bondi beach for lunch…
Fortune of war pub in the rocks is the oldest pub…solid!

I’d love to check this place out

That place looks insanely dangerous to any thought of a budget.

I want all the meats.

Yeah its like a carnivore lover’s Harry Winston. I think it would be fun to at least window shop or pick up some cured meat for the hotel.

Not sure if they carry Blackmore wagyu, their instagram pics of the meat look very promising