Cheapest place to buy Topo Chico in bulk

I find myself drinking like three bottles a day of this stuff. Anybody know where I can get a few cases or just some really good deals? Currently, I buy them for like 89 cents a bottle at Food4Less, but there’s gotta be some restaurant supply store or something where I can get this cheaper. Anybody know of anything?

Target. Walmart. Total Wine.

I believe Restaurant Depot carries it

Do you still need a membership for Restaurant Depot?

You didn’t for most of the pandemic but it’s been a couple months since I’ve been

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.89 is pretty good… The cheapest is perhaps at Costco… And even then it’s more like 90 cents…

If you are into Topo because of the aggressive bubbles… I use the small Soda Stream Bottles to get that same effect. They are far superior, even for sharing, than regular size Soda Stream Bottles.



I love Topo Chico. Yep it’s the “aggressive bubbles”, lol. I have a few and ordered a couple more with my groceries the other day - they delivered a 12-pack. That’s a bargain! But I digress @bruins. Check Ralphs - I saw a 12-pak on 3rd & La Brea for $8.99 today.


In California, Costco Business Centers only.

Northgate Market is having a sale this week. A case of 12 for $9. .75 per bottle is probably the cheapest I’ve seen.

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Wowzers. Thanks for this tip. I’ll swing by.

Note that there are three or four bottle sizes.

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@set0312 sale looks like standard 12 oz bottles

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Yep, that’s what I saw at Ralphs. I’m drinking one now btw.

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Lol to the soda stream person, same effect not the same taste and or aggressive bubbles. Sorry