Cheesers - Stoughton, WI

Stoughton is a small community near Madison, WI, but it has a marvelous cheese shop. They have over 100 cheeses in the counter as well as cookies, an ice cream counter, buffalo sausage, and more.

It’s easy for locals to get there to get what they want but thankfully the owner ships pretty much anything across the country. I am partial to aged cheeses but there’s something here for everyone. Take a look: Widmer’s 10 Year Aged Cheddar | Cheesers | Cheesers

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Is Widmer’s as good as Hook’s?

I went to school in Madison and went to a same last September. At the Saturday FM around the capitol there was a Hook’s cheese stand run by the family. In California the 5 year old cheddar retails for about $35 lb at Whole Foods. They were selling the 5 year old cheddar for $10 lb. Almost had a cheese overload that day.

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I find Widmer’s to be a little sharper and you can’t beat the flavor crystals. I love that you were able to find the best cheese at a far more reasonable price. $35 a pound is nuts.