Cheesy, Savory, Delicious! Meat Lovers, Vegetarian and Vegan! A Pizza Journey - Superfine, Il Romanista, DeSano, Pizza Wagon of Brooklyn, Pizzeria Mozza, South End, L’Antica Pizzeria da Michele, Prime, Lupetti, Triple Beam and More! [Thoughts + Pics]

Bang bang with Shin


Hi @Gr8pimpin,

Thanks. :slight_smile: Yah I wish Il Romanista opened on weekends as well, but I’m glad we at least have that option on weekdays, and it’s a great stop if you have to drop off or pick up people from LAX. :wink:

I think you’ll like Steel Pan. You have tried Superfine already right? :wink:

Yah the folks at Pizza Wagon of Brooklyn are nice; I’m glad they allowed that as well!

I have not. Downtown once and thought of them but bummed they weren’t open yet, as you knew they don’t open until late afternoon.

Someday. It does look damn tasty!

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I’ve been trying to find a reason to drive from the OC to the valley just to make a pit stop at Pizza Wagon.

Superfine is the best NY style pizza I’ve had in LA (see above). Big bummer that they open at 5pm. I was in DTLA a few weekends ago during the day and wanted to bring a pie home for dinner. Had to settle for Prime Pizza which is still better than OC pizza but not as good as Superfine.

I can’t believe I still haven’t made it here. We have cooled on the 4th St Market in general. A lot of turnover of some of our favorite vendors although Portola is reason enough to make a trip.


Hi @CeleryVictor,

Thanks. Hopefully you get a chance to try some of these places when you visit next. :slight_smile:

Hi @JeetKuneBao,

Not sure it’s worth the drive all the way from OC just for that, but if you mix in a bang x bang or 4, like what @moonboy403 said, that’ll be fine. :wink:

If you take the 405 S on the way back, you can swing by Huckleberry and get yourself their amazing Turkey Meatball Sandwich.

And/or swing by Gjusta and get a few more of their amazing things like their Italian Sandwich or Prime Rib Butcher (or Smoked Seafood plate). :smile:

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Hi @Chowseeker1999

That sucks about Apollonia’s Margherita. I usually don’t like margherita pizza for the very reason and look of the pizza you posted. I’m not a big basil fan and the raw tomatoes usually turn watery in the oven. BUT! I used to :heart: their margherita. They sliced the toppings really thin then swirled a dose of olive oil over it before putting in the oven. Everything just melted into the cheese and sauce like it was one. :kissing_closed_eyes: Then they started tossing uncooked basil on top and now that tomato! Just No. Unfortunately, your square pizza doesn’t look as good as their first efforts either. Yep, they start out strong then fizzle. It’s a problem.

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Mizlala is nearby. Sherman Oaks through studio city is also Sushi Row and there’s Daichan. Milo and Olive would be closer than driving to Huckleberry. :slight_smile:

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Hi @Gr8pimpin,

Yah it’s a bummer Superfine doesn’t open for lunch on weekends. One trick we’ve found is if we have to run errands on a weekday anywhere near Downtown, or on minor holidays, because they do open for Lunch Mon - Fri. Hopefully you get to try them soon, I think you’d really like it. :slight_smile:

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Hi @TheCookie,

Thanks for the info; yah we were genuinely shocked at how Apollonia’s Margherita turned out, raw, supermarket-type bland, flavorless tomatoes on a previously made cheese slice (so it wasn’t even that melty or hot) was… wrong. :frowning:

I hope you get to try some of the other places in the journey if you’re in the mood for some tasty pies. :slight_smile:

Purgatory pizza was very good with its NY style thin, soft, and pliant crust but its cornicione is a bit dense and slightly dry. On the other hand, Superfine pizza was disappointing on this particular night and not up to its usual standard. Notice how the pepperonis and part of the cornicione, though soft, pillowy, with a pleasant yeasty flavor, were burnt? I do love Superfine’s thin and crispy crust though.


Superfine bang


Hi @moonboy403,

Thanks for the report back. The slice you got at Purgatory looked better than ours, good to know.

For Superfine, bummer on the slightly burnt Pepperoni. I guess this unfortunately happens when you reheat slices sometimes? (We usually just order entire pies - the slice thing is a recent habit due to FTC.) Thanks.

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Il romanista maybe my favorite pizza place in LA. This place is so damn good wish it was closer and open on the weekends.


Hi @hungryhungryhippos,

Yes, it’s so good! :blush: Love Il Romanista. Thanks for all the great reports on the place.

More importantly, why do you only have 1 slice of pizza on this visit?! :stuck_out_tongue:

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Haha I actually went two days in a row (2 slices per visit) and I only order one slice at a time so I can be sure that it is nice and warm when I’m eating it.

The other slices I had were the amatriciana, the sausage and peppers pizza with tomato sauce (which might be new), and the potato sausage with fennel.

Another pro-tip after 3PM they sell their margherita slices for $2 dollars or half a pan for 14 (if available).


I ate at 6th + Mill for an early lunch last week. It’s in the arts district next to Brera, and if you’ve got the same carb mapping systems I do, is right down the street from Bread Lounge.

We shared the brussels, the tricolore salad, and two pizzas. The brussels were great, the tricolore good but not so good I want to order it again.

The pizzas were the coppia a red pizza with fennel sausage and speck, and arugula and the vince a white pizza with mortadella and pistachio.

They were just okay, but did remind me that my favorite upscale pizza is still Mozza.

I don’t think I’ll go back on my own, but if someone else wants to check it out I’d take another twirl.


Thanks for the insight! Don’t make it to dtla often but I’ve got it bookmarked for the future.

Using the aforementioned margherita 2 dollar slices added some homegrown basil and store bought mini heirlooms with Parmesan and olive oil. The slices reheat really well.


Was this your first visit there?

So you like this better than Triple Beam ?

I seriously dream of il Romanista and I’m 1 block from Pizza Wagon. I’m with you, this closed weekends thing REALLY makes it tough to get down there.

Chef/owner told me people would stock up on whole sheets on fridays so they could reheat for NFL Sunday. I think he said he had instructions for the best way to do this (but you seem to have it figured out)

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No I’ve gone to Il romanista probably 7-10 times. It’s just been a couple months between my last visit and the two visits on consecutive days this week.

I’ve been to triple beam once and we tried about 5-6 different slices they were all subpar and some of them came fresh out the oven. If I’m in the area I might give it a try again, but to me triple and Il romanista aren’t even in the same ball park.

The romanista slices definitely reheat very well. I would recommend warming at around 275-300 and then cranking it to 425 just to crisp the top and edges up a bit.


I have to head out to Thousand Oaks tomorrow and found this place that claims to make Detroit pizza.

Damn, I’m off the carbs for awhile otherwise I’d give it a try.

Doesn’t look like any of the Detroit style pies you all have tried.

*photo from Yelp

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