Amazing Salmon Belly, Oil-Cured Sardines, Lox, Herring and Rockin' Breakfast! - Gjusta



Great post with lots of food porn! Their fish products started out good to great, but I think they’ve improved just about everything in this category that I’ve tried. Their baked goods - particularly their scones, biscuits and bread - are favorites of mine. I think their housemade condiments aren’t ever mentioned - these are worth trying as well. We usually offer a selection of food from Gjusta and/or GTA to family/friends visiting from out of town and they still talk about it.

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That anchovy toast looks so good!

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Definitely worth trying if you go.

Some more NSFW


I think it may be the best smoked fish in the city (maybe the most expensive too) but I love it! Glad you tried it….

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that salmon collar looks amazing!

So great to “see” you here bulavinaka!

Is that 2nd pic shakshouka??? I love me a good shakshouka…

Not quite, it didn’t have onions, peppers or cumin. They call it “baked eggs” on their menu.

I was just going to ask the same question paranoid, LOL. :smile:

Thanks for the tip PorkBelly. Looks delish! :smile:

BTW, has anyone tried their Multi-Grain Porridge or their Multi-Grain Waffle?

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@wienermobile, thanks to you for the constant reminders to try it LOL. :smile:

What’s your favorite fish from their Smoked Fish case?

I love the pastrami smoked salmon, the salmon belly and the smoked mackerel. But everything is great….those sardines too. And the bialy breakfast sandwich below is great.


Haven’t tried pastrami smoked salmon yet; will do it the next time for sure. Thanks. :smile:

That bialy egg sandwich looks amazing. I was eyeing it today; darn it.

Thank you CB. “Seeing” you and other familiar handles brings back that part of me that was missing for a while.

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Hi @bulavinaka,

How well does their bread hold up if you take a full loaf home? Do you get it pre-sliced and just leave it on the kitchen counter?

I’ve found some artisan breads over the years from different vendors dry out quickly.


I don’t think they sell their bread sliced, or at least I’ve never seen it sold that way….

Ah thanks wienermobile. Probably hold up fine then.

I usually get a loaf on the weekend and use about half. I double bag the remainder with the cut end facing the bottom of the first bag and put the second bag in the opposite direction and place it in a cool isolated corner of the kitchen… It will reasonably hold up for a few days. Temp and humidity will obviously affect this.

Huckleberry’s loaves hold up well too. The moisture content seems a little higher than Gjusta’s so it won’t dry out as fast but mold becomes a concern.

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Gjusta does offer slicing. I always decline.