Cheesy, Savory, Delicious! Meat Lovers, Vegetarian and Vegan! A Pizza Journey - Superfine, Il Romanista, DeSano, Pizza Wagon of Brooklyn, Pizzeria Mozza, South End, L’Antica Pizzeria da Michele, Prime, Lupetti, Triple Beam and More! [Thoughts + Pics]

I’m never in Long Beach, but, I ever find myself there, will have to try Little Coyote. If it’s CRISPY and crunchy, I might okay w/ a little scratching. That pool of grease, though, is… disturbing.

Shame amount the Italian sub. I was thinking, God, that looks like of TON of cheese, and then I read your description…


Sad. I was hoping my experience was an outlier. I hate to see this happen to a place that had it right.

Totally agree. That pepperoni at superfine is really great. Smokey and spicy. Pizza Wagons crust, texture wise, has always been perfect to me. I wouldn’t mind a tad more color on the top of the cornicione.

@A5KOBE and I seem to agree with you about there being a tad too much sauce on the whole pies at Pizza Wagon. When I first started ordering whole pies from them, right after they first opened, this wasn’t the case. It seems like this started the last few months. Not sure why. But on the whole pies, after it sits an hour or so, the “extra saucy” disappears lol.

@Chowseeker1999 Hope I can make it to Little Coyote. The slices look great. To me better looking than the whole pie. And the meatball sandwich, oh Marone!!

It’s gonna be hard for me to make a drive down there. It was very difficult for me to get to Il Romanista… (and Superfine) but you never know!!

Thanks for the great report again!!!


Awesome reporting as usual @Chowseeker1999 sorry to hear that superfine has gone so far down hill. Loved their slices when I’d be in dtown for meeting pre-covid.

Just a note I think steel pan closed due to coronavirus :frowning:


Fabulous reportage as usual!! I have been eager to try Little Coyote based on the pepperoni cup shots and it’s lineage (Love Hatchet Hall) but mostly because I’m still such a Long Beach girl at heart. I love that they opened there vs. someplace like Silver Lake/Echo Park… which actually could use a slice place (would love to walk to a slice after a Dodgers Game)

Thanks for your warnings about the generousity of the toppings/fillings. I’m really sensitive to salt and that is a LOT of peperoni on one slice… so it probably just compounds things… Hopefully they simmer down once they have been open a little bit… LOL!!


Hi @Gr8pimpin,

Thanks. Yah, it’s very sad. On both of these additional visits to Superfine, the original Pizzaiolos were gone, confirmed with multiple people, and the pies were so bad. :frowning:

The ingredients are still there, just in the hands of newbie trainees and the results as we’ve seen are terrible. :frowning: I hope they find some good replacements soon.

Yah if you ever find yourself driving down to Long Beach (or passing through the 405 to OC), stop by Little Coyote and give them a try, I think you’ll enjoy some of their Pizzas and that Meatball Sandwich! :slight_smile:

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Hi @hungryhungryhippos,

Thank you! :slight_smile: It is very sad about Superfine.

For Steel Pan, they did, but they responded saying they are moving to a new, larger location soon! So fingers crossed that happens soon and they can come back even better. :slight_smile:

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thats crazy…when you first mentioned the Superfine downhill slide, I thought there had to be some “explanation” or just a random bad experience…my last time, the regular pizzaiolo was there and the 2 slices were excellent…right now cant remember such a rapid and sudden collapse…sounds like finding a good pizza maker must be tough…jeez. its depressing…guess I’ll be spending more time at Pizza Wagon but its sad…I will probably try and get back downtown to confirm the bad news…oy vey


Such sad news about Superfine. The next mission is to find out where the OG guys went to? Are they starting their own place?

The slices at Little Coyote sound good but a real slice should be foldable. If it’s too well done and it’s cracking in half something is off. Sounds like a trip to Long Beach is in order. Pizza and ice cream at LB Creamery sounds delicious this weekend.


Tomato Pie?

Hail Mary in Atwater Village.


Triple Beam has a second location I think by Masa and Echo

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It doesn’t look like it but is there outdoor seating at Little Coyote or are we eating the pizza on the hood of our car? I’m not familiar with the 4th street corridor area. Any nice parks to eat at?

Oh man, what a bummer to hear about Superfine. Hopefully they can get the new guys trained up properly faster.

Hi @Dommy,

Thanks. Definitely agree that it’s nice to have a good pizzeria in areas that might not have one.

If you go soon, for the less salty options, their Papa Joe, White Pie, and Veggie Supremo were all delicious and all less salty, by a lot in some cases.

Hi @js76wisco,

Yes they have about 6 outdoor tables. Enjoy! :slight_smile:

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Wholly agree on the Padrino. Recently got it and just hated it. I have kind of come to the view that the Italian sandwich should not be fancified, and is not improved by the use of high fat meats and strong cheeses. I still like the ones at Bay Cities and All About the Bread best.

Hi @lapizzamaven,

Yes, definitely sad news. It’s not even that it was just slightly off / not as good, the pies we got were just bad. Nothing like Superfine in its glory days. :frowning: And we tried it on 2 different follow-up visits (with 2 new staff members making the pizza, both said they just started recently). :frowning:

Awful…something like being difficult to keep from looking at a bloody accident compels me to try it myself…I’ll report back


Hi @js76wisco,

Yes, that was our thought as well! :slight_smile: If anyone hears of where the Superfine Pizzaiolos went, please report back. We asked the security guard, but they didn’t know, just that they left for better jobs.

I’m hearin’ Dominos.