Cheesy, Savory, Delicious! Meat Lovers, Vegetarian and Vegan! A Pizza Journey - Superfine, Il Romanista, DeSano, Pizza Wagon of Brooklyn, Pizzeria Mozza, South End, L’Antica Pizzeria da Michele, Prime, Lupetti, Triple Beam and More! [Thoughts + Pics]

Fantastic stuff. At 6pm today while waiting for our pizza I heard them tell people walking up that the wait was 1-1.5 hours. Little Coyote is mobbed.

The pizza was foldable and greasy but delicious. The crust was not so crunchy that we couldn’t fold the slice. The pie is smaller than Pizza Wagon and Superfine. It’s also cheaper but keep this in mind when ordering. Meatball sub was great. The meatballs were soft and went well with the cheese and bread. My carb loving ladies said the bread was amazing.

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Time for a FTC meet at that branch :rofl:


Hi @js76wisco,

Thanks for the report back. :slight_smile: Glad you liked the visit and the meatball sub! :slight_smile:

It’s interesting you could fold yours! Maybe they got feedback, or are improving. For ours (and you can see it in the pics of the crust), they put too much olive oil on there, and it toasted up the outer crust, like a crouton (crunchy). So we couldn’t really fold it, but could fold the inner portion.

AH! Yes… Triple Beam does… I forgot about them and honestly wasn’t impressed with pizza there the two times I’ve tried it. The other Tomato Pie nor Hail Mary are Dodgers Stadium Adjacent. Most of the time we do end up at Masa…


Masked and distanced, please. Don’t wanna see any of y’all at my workplace.


@Chowseeker1999 I was expecting a very crunchy pizza based on your pictures and description. I think they may have been “rushing” pies out of the oven based on how busy they were. Maybe they had some constructive feedback as well.

In case you are planning on eating there. They have 3 four tops and 4 two tops. There is practically zero shade.

The one thing that kind of rubbed me the wrong way was that they were charging $10 for a can of Brouwerij West beer. Everybody is entitled to make money but a four pack of BW generally sells for $15. That is a very big markup for canned beer. Most places that sell individual cans of craft beer will generally sell them for $7-$8 per can.


Ohmigod, not to worry here. If there’s an FTC meetup, I’ll wave at y’all from my car…


I won’t claim to be a pizza aficionado, but I went to Superfine today and thought it was delicious — easily the best pizza I’ve had in downtown LA and the second best pizza I’ve had in LA after Mozza. Not saying anyone else is wrong; just saying I really liked it. Flavors were complex and robust; crust has nice char flavor and I liked the balance between soft and crisp. My favorite was actually the cheeseless vegan one.

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That’s always been what I love about Superfine. Their crust is damn flavorful and inside the crisp cornicione is soft like bread.

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Pizza Wagon for delivery!!

Today’s pizza was perfect. Nicely risen cornicione, good crunchy outside but chewy inside. Bottom was slightly crispy, with a perfect chew.

Plus, @attran99 and @A5KOBE — NOT TOO SAUCY!!! It was like their slices.

So 1/2 pepperoni mushroom, 1/2 pepperoni sausage


Hi @Gr8pimpin,

Nice! Looks wonderful. :slight_smile:

But no Pesto today? :wink:

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Did you have to request less sauce?
Looks amazing!

Nope. Decided to test them… again. They passed. Anthony the owner probably made it :slight_smile:


Agreed. It was terrible. Excessive and not very well thought out and the bread is offensive and could send you to the dentist.

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The play at Wagon is to get the pesto pie and add sausage. That’s a combo made in heaven.

Doesn’t Anthony makes all the pies? Don’t think I’ve seen anyone else make them.


He’s not there all the time, just most of the time. :smiley:

I agree, that pesto pie is really awesome. With sausage… that really sounds good!! I’ll have to try!!

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If you want to try something not cheesy, not savory, and not delicious, I recommend cauliflower crust pizza. Somehow, this has become a thing. I’ve tried three cauliflower pizzas from “Califlower” and “Skinny Bitch.” They were all dreadful, with laughably chewy crusts and insipid toppings. The crusts don’t really taste like cauliflower; cardboard is a better comparison.


I tried Superfine again (a few weeks later) and was disappointed. This time, the crust was doughy and not crispy. It was a different guy making the pizza.


I went to Superfine and grabbed a pepperoni/mushroom and the center was pretty floppy, far more egregious than I have ever had from here. After close examination using my most unscientific method, it appears they put way too much cheese and topping in the center to where it never has a chance to crisp up.

I usually reheat all my leftover slices in the oven, preheating a baking sheet to mimic the hot surface of a brick oven which usually yields decent results. This pizza has so much cheese at the center that it just oozes off the pizza and onto the baking sheet. This has never been the case before. Also, the sheer amount of grease from the cheese makes it super oily.

It still tastes amazing but the droopy center is disappointing. They were also very busy which likely lowers the oven temperature cooking that many pizzas in such a small space. The pepperoni mushroom was damn tasty, just missing that finesse in assembling and cooking.

It was definitely a different person cooking from all my other experiences.


I’ll take your word for it, but damn, that pizza looks delicious.