Chef Floyd Cardoz - COVID-19 strikes NYC Restaurant Community

Sad news for NYC restaurant community. I had just watched his segment in India on the latest Ugly Delicious season and was really looking forward to check out his restaurants.


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Were you able to eat at Tabla or any of his newer restaurants in NYC?

I was, of course, shocked when I saw the post about his death on Eater early yesterday morning.

Tabla was located three blocks from our apartment. The interior space was gorgeous. Cardoz’s creative and delicious cuisine was world’s apart from the usual Indian food found at restaurants on nearby “Curry Hill.” We ate upstairs in the formal dining room a few times. One tasting menu we had there was especially memorable. More often, when the weather was warm, we loved sitting on the outdoor covered patio where we enjoyed the more casual Bread Bar’s food.

When North End Grill opened, we made the far downtown trek and had a wonderful meal, which included a terrific whole chicken. But it was too much of a schlep to return. We also went once to Paowalla where we had several excellent small plates and, again, a memorable chicken. We didn’t go back because, unfortunately, I found the noise level too uncomfortably high.

While his death is a huge loss to the restaurant community, how devastating it is for his family makes me incredibly sad.


Regrettably I did/have not.

@RGR thanks for sharing.