Chef's Table at Brooklyn Fare

still one of the top restaurants in the country for me

what really impresses me the most is even after 13 years, sergio is still working the line and touching every course that goes out of the kitchen, even dessert. that’s approximately 15 courses x 44 seats x 2 turns = 1320 courses a night.

he was even working during the michelin announcements and only left the kitchen to accept his award and then came right back to the line.

kaluga queen caviar tartlet

wagyu beef tartare, crispy kelp

crab, koshihikari rice, nori

ikura, salmon tartare

uni, black truffle, brioche

tuna, cucumber sorbet, ginger

mushroom cappuccino, foie gras, abalone, escargot

madai, squid

squab, maitake mushroom

wagyu, beef cheek, turnip

pear, finger lime gelee, fromage blanc sorbet

sobacha frozen souffle

milk chocolate key lime cake

chocolate banana tartlet, sugar cookies



Nice tribute but description of the plates would enhance our appreciation of his creative talent.

And what about the cost of all this luxury? The plates do look lovely…

descriptions added


Looks like perfection.

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Chef Cesar is a genius and a gentleman.

My cousin cut his teeth working there for Sergio for quite number of years before leaving to go off on his own.

He only ever has the nicest things to say about his former boss.


Quite the dumpster fire, that!