Chelsea Market - tourists are winning

I visit it often, but lately I’ve started to wonder. Portions are getting smaller, pricier, and in some cases (Dickson’s Pastrami) mediocre.

The new Sicilian pizza place started with a whopping $6-7 a slice, and now sell them for $1 less. Still might be the most expensive slice in town. Halvah across is selling Halvah at 4x supermarket prices. Its neighbor Berlin Currywurst sells sandwiches for $8 that is a little bigger than a regular hotdog. Just some examples.

On the other hand, I like the Vietnamese beef soup at Very Fresh Noodles. They make the noodles on the spot. Two large Biang noodles with plenty of heat and flavor. Only issue is where to eat it. Take it to the counter by Dizengoff until it opens.

Dizengof will be the next big Hummus destination when it opens, but I worry by the way things are going, it will cost an arm and maybe even a leg

Have you been to the underground food hall near Columbus Circle, TurnStyle?

Los Tacos is still a good deal. I go for Buon Italia and The Lobster Place and the Wine Vault. Looking forward to trying Very Fresh Noodles on my next visit, as very fresh noodles are among my favorite things in the world.

Not yet. The food lineup didnt exactly grab me initially. Seemed more like a bunch of shops

Yes Los Tacos is still good. Buon Italia has good products but lousy salumi selection. Best thing at Lobster Place IMO is the Chirashi Bowl. Cull and Pistol is one of my faves, love the rotating menu, and lobster roll is as good as it gets. Much better than the sister next door

So its not that bad

Today is Tuesday, and I already know what I’m eating tomorrow for lunch. Dizengoff Hummus, opening tomorrow.
I havent been so excited about hummus since… never actually. But visiting Acco in Israel, the hummus capital of the world, comes close