Chengdu Taste Lines

What is the wait these days? Is one easier than the other?

Rosemead takes res. endstop.

trust in tony. made a res to dine with an elderly uncle, table was waiting for us and said uncle freakin’
loved it.

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One time I dropped in for lunch at the Rosemead location and it wasn’t very crowded and wasn’t particularly great (though it was perfectly fine). Maybe it was just was I ordered. I can’t remember what I ordered. Something dull apparently. That’s my one and only experience with Chengdu Taste. Incidentally, I’ve been to Chengdu, Sichuan and it’s a lovely city with cute pandas and cute girls.

Apparently its a little more attractive than Rosemead in many ways;

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i read the title and my first thought was that eating all those spices left marks on one’s tongue.

Casual Misogyny.
and also,
casual racism.

cuz Chengdu is all about pandas and hot women since you’ve incidentally “been there”.



Maybe I’m just whimsically reminiscing about vague memories of positive experiences in Chengdu a long time ago? There is nothing any person could rationally construe as racist or misogynist about my post. Now, you might argue that it’s a worthless post. That I’d agree with. But I remember girls and I remember pandas are innocuous statements

I actually remember Chengdu being quite a nice city. With people drinking tea in a park, ma la street food, big Western metroplexes, young couples eating small bites under willow trees, hot pot in an alley. Oh, Chengdu, I’ll never forget thee.

One day people will take my writings and realize I’m James Joyce, Ernest Hemingway, and jack Kerouac all wrapped up into one. But they would never call me racist. I have Chinese friends and I’m dating a Thai girl. I am gravely offended by your libelous statement.

they could have been cute little pandas and you could also charge sizism.

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They were, in fact, cute little (red) pandas.

Chengdu Rabbit
Started like this…
<img src=“//” width=“689”
Ended like this…

Panda had his own lunch


Since you refer to your Chinese friends and your Thai girlfriend to justify your post, you’re not Asian, right?

We’ve always had luck arriving at the original location right before noon on weekdays. But I grant that those of you who’re not in LA on vacation might have trouble with that timing.

… those pandas do look cute though.