Chez Noir - Carmel-by-the-Sea

From a visit in December 2022, hope to get back soon:

This spot opened in October (2022) and seemed like the greatest excuse to drive the 1 from Morro Bay and land in Carmel. Seems like we made one of the last trips up that stretch of 1 for a while.

We stopped into Chez Noir soon after they began offering their Let Us Cook for You menu. Glad we did.

I’m doing my best to remember specifics based on their a la carte but we had no printed menu, just eyes closed agreement

Wayward Bus - Rhum Agricole, Celeriac, Dill, Lime, Maraschino

Monterey Squid Gildas - Basque Pepper, Castelvetrano Olive, Anchovy

Crab and Dressed Oysters (Peach Pepper, Passionfruit, Fingerlime?)

Monterey Bay Abalone Skewers - Bay Laurel, Liver Butter, Meyer Lemon

Grilled Oyster - Caviar, French Sorrel, Chervil

Vaca Viejo Beef Carpaccio - Ruby Beet, Mutsu Apple, Horseradish

Pebble Beach Porcini Mushroom Salad - Oregon Hazelnut, Chicories, Heirloom Celery

Bluefin Tuna Crudo - Market Radishes, Mint, Nuoc Cham

Brioche-à-Tête and Stepladder Creamery Cultured Butter

Rock Crab & Jamón Croquettes

Bluefin Tuna Collar from near Santa Cruz

Tortilla Española - Shishito Pepper, Salt Cod, Saffron Aioli

Guinea Hen Tortellini En Brodo - Carmel Valley Chanterelle, Tuscan Kale

Lingcod - Swordfish Bacon, New Zealand Spinach, “Chowder” Jus

Cod Head - Pickled Chanterelles, Salsa Verde (?), Saffron Aioli (?)

Grilled California Squab - Radicchio, Bahri Date, Sauce Albufera

Meyer Lemon w/ Other Brother Olive Oil





Celeriac … juice? Never seen celery root as a cocktail ingredient before. I’m a sucker for any variation on a Last Word / Corpse Reviver #2 / Aviation.

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Yeah maybe they made a celeriac bitters, definitely complimented the rhum agricole

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They were on the tv news: top 50 restaurants in the US