CHI SPACCA - Anyone been lately?

Haven’t been post-Colby. Any updates appreciated.

…and please don’t reference the similar, but ridiculous CH string.

I was there 1 month ago. I couldn’t detect any quality change.

The fried trotter and the tomahawk pork chop were still as good as before.

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I’v never been.

Are there any dope fucking dishes there beyond the fucking pork varietals ???


Went for the first time couple weeks ago, I enjoyed it.

Had the tomahawk pork too, very nice, love the generous coating of fennel pollen and nice char. The cured meat lived up to it’s reputation. Wonderful taste and balance, the fennel Salumi was outstanding. Branzino was surprisingly good too.

Used the leftover pork for homemade taco topped with some roasted hatch chilies. Kick ass!!!

It’s a shame I’m supposed to be on low meat diet…sighh


Thanks everyone. Super helpful. Sorry about your non-meat diet, Sgee. Does that mean vegetarian?

Its all great. Outstanding steak. Their flatbread variation is classic. Just a great place and that aint no fucking joke!

Just cutting back on meat intake, butter and fatty foods… All the fun stuff :grin:

I seriously gotta fucking do that too

fucking sux.

and that ain’t no fucking joke.

too many fucking Dabney Colemans, pastrami burrito loaded with chili and cheddar, and GCM Burgers.

and don’t get me fucking started on a Langer’s triple pastrami sandwich sided with chili cheese pastrami fries.

The first couple of months are the most difficult … serious withdrawal symptoms

yeah, that’s what I was pretty worried about, and that ain’t no fucking joke.

A trip to Gary Menes’ LE COMPTOIR will make that withdrawl feel better. You won’t feel cheated at all!

Just checked out Le Comptoir’s menu, sounds wonderful, thanks for the rec.

Go for it, Sgee!

I’ve eaten there maybe a dozen times since they opened, and while I haven’t been in the post-Colby era, all the salads and side veggies have been super fucking dope. The copious amounts of oil used probably doesn’t hurt things.

Our standard order for two is a charcuterie plate, some kind of large format meat thing, a salad, and a veg. Sometimes a dessert. And while the overeager upselling wait staff always encourages us to order more, we always leave with leftovers (and we’re pretty aggressive eaters).

Anybody try the Bistecca Fiorentina? Should i get that over the chop and bone pie?

Definitely the bistecca. The bone marrow pie isn’t all that substantial (rich, but not a lot of food), so you could conceivably do both the steak and use the pie as a marrow chaser.

I say get the tomahawk pork chop and skip the bistecca. The markup on the bistecca isn’t worth it for me. You could get several appetizers (razor clams and fried trotters), an additional meat entree plus the pork chop for the price of the bistecca

I would say get the lamb neck but it wasn’t there the last time I went a couple of months ago.

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I think Charcoal is the new Chi Spacca.
Went tonight - still getting it’s Sea Legs as far as service but holy Sh#t the food was great.


I really want this to be true…damn