when did you order the duck? i see you got the leg bone to gnaw on.

Hi @PorkyBelly,

Hm, maybe a couple months ago? I’ve been slow on catching up on some visits. :sweat_smile: Yah the leg bone was delicious! :slight_smile:

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More people just order more food. Though given the large portions, 4-6 is ideal.

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Finally going tomorrow night. It’ll be 3 average men eaters. Definitely want to try the bone marrow pie and the pork chop. How much more food should we order?

If committed to ordering bone marrow pie and pork chop, then a salad and a couple veggie sides would be enough for me, especially if you are going to get dessert. If especially hungry, add some seafood or salumi. You can always order more.

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Not a whole lot, especially since you want to get the focaccia di Recco.

you definitely need the Focaccia di Recco

Ok so we’ll get the focaccia. Should we not get the bone marrow pie then and get a veggie instead?

I would get a lighter protein like octopus, but it depends on your tolerance for rich foods. Chi Spacca is like a bomb of fat and salt, and many people just go for it!

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i would say add a veggie dish, i would keep the bone marrow pie, the pork chop, and the focaccia. But that might be too rich for other people.

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Actually, with only three people, maybe skip the focaccia. It’s great but really filling.

You can always take the rest of it home


Also get the salumi board! Skip the veggies

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Focaccia is great but rich because of the cheese on top. I say get everything but add in some veggies to cut through some of the fat and richness.

If you ever go to Mozza NB they have the focaccia so you can try it there.

Strictly speaking the cheese is in the middle. It’s sort of cheese calzone pull-aparts.

Just order like savages and fight for the leftovers like normal human beings.


This is correct (IMHO, of course)!

I describe it as an Italian quesadilla to newbies.

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All I can say is wow. Dinner was insane.

So we ended up ordering the foccacia, amber jack collar, pork chop, portabello and fennel salad, and two desserts (budino and banana cream pie).

Washed it down with a bottle of Law Estates Syrah blend that I brought. Crazy good wine.

Everything was insanely good and no leftovers to take home. That porkchop is now my favorite porkchop.