Chiangs Gourmet - Lake City Way, Seattle

We’ve eaten here at least a half dozen times and like everything we’ve had. On Saturdays and Sundays I believe it’s the sister of the owner ? who works and we just tell her to bring us what she thinks we should have. Highly recommend.

I concur. We came for the so-called “breakfast” (which is odd, since the restaurant doesn’t open until 11 am) and enjoyed everything. 飯糰, 豆漿,生煎包 and Shanghai noodles & squid soup. tea eggs sold to-go only at a little warming cart by the host’s counter. The 生煎包 were oddly flat and tiny, only slightly panfried without the nice crunchy bottom. But the filling was generous, well-seasoned and flavorful. Similarly, the 飯糰 was an odd cylindrical eggroll-shape but once we took a bite our complaints ended. Shanghai noodles were magnificent. Thick, chewy, gorgeous.

Mr Taster

Hi, Cath:

A colleague and I have been eating lunch at Chiang’s every two weeks for maybe 15 years. We used to change it up and try new places, but ultimately we just admitted the obvious–we love Chiang’s, so why bother going elsdewhere. Their $7 lunch specials may be the best in town.

We have eaten there so long, we can usually tell which cook is working just by looking at the food.


Heading up right after the New Year and we’ll be hitting it for sure. At least once.

Ask them about the derelict Benz station wagon with 4 flats out front…

Is that recent? I’m not visualizing it.

Here’s a pic of then 3 y.o. grandson having very determined try with chopsticks. I got him the ‘trainers’ at Uwajimaya.

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Cool, I still use both hands a lot.

Grandbaby’s gonna make, in John Lee Hooker’s words, “pretty women jump and shout…”

The derelict Benz has been there for decades, for so long no one even notices it anymore.

OK, so “my” booth is to the left of the owner’s family booth when you walk in, against the west wall, but not the corner one. I sit on the north side bench. My butt has made a permanent imprint in the pleather…


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He was funny. I told him he could use the fork but NO WAY :slight_smile: He IS a doll baby!

I’d say if we have “a booth” it would be at the window by the parking lot in the middle. But sometimes we’re on the other side on the side in a booth and last time we were at a table on the south side. I don’t think if effected the taste of the food.

Had lunch here yesterday and it remains great.

We had the dumplings with the spicy sauce (photo sucked). And this lamb with red bell peppers and dried hot peppers.

And here’s the menu though you’ll have to click on each one.

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Just reheated the leftovers and it was SOOOOOO good. Dang :slight_smile:

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