Chicago outdoor seating

I’m heading to Chicago for work, and will be staying in the River North area.
I’d welcome any recommendations for outdoor dining options - either upscale or just plain good food?

I’m not a fan of deep dish pizza…

I’m happy to hop on public transit or get a Lyft.

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Welcome to FTC!!!

This isn’t really much of a help, but when the weather is nice in Chicago there really isn’t much better than sitting at a picnic table or even the curb outside any random hot dog with a dog, some cheese fries, and a coke, watching other folks from every stratum of society doing just the same.

The best part is: it almost doesn’t matter which hot dog joint you go to. As long as they have a big Vienna ‘V’ sign in the window, you’re getting a Chicago dog.

I also urge you to avoid the dogs at Portillo’s. They’re a big local chain and are, generally, quite good, and famous for their chocolate cake shakes. Decent Italian beef, too.

But in their quest to expand nationwide (there are now outlets here on the west coast) they abandoned Vienna dogs and are now using their own frankfurters. They are NOT as good.

We stayed at the Godfrey last year. Etta which has a location in LA had a nice outdoor seating area. We didn’t eat there but it seems busy and some decent reports from the LA location.

They blocked off street traffic where Frontera Grill is located. All of the restaurants on this 2 block stretch had outdoor seating areas. I think it was Clark St. Not sure if this situation still exists but there were some good options.

Good suggestion re grabbing a dog, and much appreciated warning re the changes implemented with national expansion

Oh I hope the street is still closed for pedestrians. Sounds great