Chicago Style Pizza: Rance's in Costa Mesa. Any reports?

Got a heads up from the office staff. Ordering it next Thursday for lunch.

Looks super legit.

Anyone try it yet?

I liked it the one time I went. It was on par with Giordano’s and below Lou Malnati’s.

I just realized taht thers quite a number of good eats on Baker.

Pass. Recently tried it and it was average.

Perhaps I just don’t like Chicago pizza in general though. The crust was nice but the sausage was non existent and the tomato was just so overwhelming acidic. If you love tomatoes, have at it.

I like balanced and this simply was not. Also to note, I went on Sunday and they put on the crappy Bears game. lol I guess it fits the motif, but that game was boring. Haha

I lived in Chicago for 13 years and can only eat deep dish about once a year. I think of it as a casserole, though, and not pizza. I also like lots of acidity in the sauce to cut the richness of all that cheese and the buttery crust.

Let us know how you like it. I used to live a couple of blocks from Tony’s and have been missing it. This is actually pretty close to where I am now. Thanks!

It is super legit.

Been eating there for the past year. Best Chicago Pizza in LA for sure, other than maybe Hollywood Pies. But they do the pastry crust/stuffed style, which I prefer to the cornbread crust that Hollywood Pies does. Both equally legitimate I suppose.

Rance’s is an outstanding gem in OC. One of the few places LA ought to be jealous of.

What else is there?

The ramen joint a couple. And the fucking yakiniku and that incredible bakery with the incredible chocolate croissants.

Tonys in fucking Placentia ???

Tony’s little Italy I think is the name. It takes forever for the fucking pie but it’s pretty fucking dope.

Though I can never seem to polish off the whole one by myself.

Any of these places have names?

Pan style wasn’t good to me. Buttery crust + heaps of cheese = one slice and I’m good

Sounded to me like the “stuffed” option is the way to go. Despite the name sounding even grosser, it sounds more like what Chicago pizza is supposed to be like (so I’m told…) Haven’t been back to try that one, and honestly I doubt I ever will as it took years for me to try it in the first place. I did feel like the ingredients for a good pizza were there though. I’d be optimistic I guess.

If you don’t want a buttery crust and heaps of cheese, Chicago style pizza is almost certainly not something you are going to enjoy, as the form could almost be perfectly described with just those two descriptors haha

The cornbread crusts exemplified out here at Hollywood Pies might change your mind slightly, but the “heaps of cheese” remain consistent no matter of which crust style one is partaking.

That’s the one. I can never seem to eat more than two pieces of a large pie.

I have to stop at 3 slices and its around 9 to a pie.

If I’m not mistaken I prefer that fucking pie to the highly praised one from Hollywood Pies in West LA.

And that ain’t no fucking joke.

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I prefer Tony’s to Rance’s.

Good to know. I’ll probably end up checking out Rance’s because it’s so close to home. As much as I love Tony’s, it has always been once-a-year treat for me.

Ditto. Tony’s is the best Chicago deep dish I’ve had in SoCal.

Kevin - call ahead regardless of whether you’re eating there or taking out. Don’t go when any of the Chicago teams are in the playoffs or on national TV.

Having a stuffed spinach and mushroom (the “Best Seller”) right now at Rance’s. Zachary’s in the Bay Area is my paradigm stuffed pizza - I haven’t had it in Chicago yet - and this is close to Zachary’s, but not as good IMHO. The crust is similar; it’s flaky, but thinner, and less fluffy. There’s a slightly off flavor in the dough that I can’t pick out. The tomato sauce is less seasoned than Zachary’s, and there’s less of it, and the cheese is more rubbery, and there’s less of it.

Thanks for the report @mhlee. What are your favorite Chicago-style pizzas in So Cal? :smile: