Chicharron Place (Man), Canoga Park Farmers market

Stumbled upon this place earlier today. Not going to win awards for their costilla or carnitas, highlight is definitely the various chicharrons offered. A steady flow of customers lining up for the weekend crispy snack needs.

Unfortunately had to exercise restraint after my pig fest earlier in the week.


Unf! I’m definitely going to have to check this place out!

The lines do not need to get any longer, however, these pig skins are other-worldly delicious. i have waited 40 minutes for a bag of warm chicharrones right out of the vat, with their fresh pico de gallo and lemon from my back yard…

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@UchuGoji sounds great, will have to hit them up for chicharrons after a couple weeks of dieting.

Btw just noticed the dessert place (last pic) right across offers ‘Tejuino’. Sounds similar to the Peruvian chicha morada. Anyone tried it?