Chiguacle (Olvera)

Warrior: I like Chiguacle overall (multiple visits). The menu has good diversity and the moles have good flavor. It has been a while since we have been to Guelaguetza or Sabores Oaxaqueños. I feel like Chiguacle is around the same level and much more ambitious with the seafood. Their salsa negra is really good, though I think the scallops could have been fresher. The men’s bathroom was a mess and they need to clean it up.

Peony: It was my first visit here and I had a wonderful meal. I found the food very comforting and rich in flavorful but not overpowering. I think the scallops were a little bit too spicy for me as someone who can’t eat too spicy in general. I like the agave mole and shrimp flavor combination, and it works really well with the rice. I also like the combination of cactus and cheese, which complemented each other’s flavor quite well. I would go there more often if it is closer. p.s.: The ladies’ bathroom was quite clean.