Chili Crisp Recommendations

What brands of chili oil would you recommend? Hoping to pick some up at 99 Ranch Market, but I’d be willing to buy it from a restaurant as well. Thanks in advance.

Malady ,
I have to ask . Being the exquisite cook that you are .Why choose to buy when you could make a much better product choosing your own ingredients .:thinking::

Aww, thanks! I thought about making my own, but was concerned about shelf stability. Alright, I’ll do some research.

If you would like to check out some great spices , chilies…etc . Look at Spice Ace in San Fran . My dumb computer won’t copy it for you . I was just there over the weekend . Great selection , prices , and shipping . Every spice comes in a small reusable jar . I think it is something you should look at .

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Lao Gan Ma Chili Crisp Sauce

You can find it on Amazon, or at most Chinese markets like Ranch 99.

Lihong Huanyuan is also good, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen it in stores.


Chili crisp is an essential and important condiment.

I like this thread. I am usually disappointed by the chili pastes and oils that I buy. So many of them have a pronounced garlic flavor, which is not what I get at various Chinese, Thai and Vietnamese restaurants

. I always ask for extra at restaurants when ordering to go or packing up leftovers. My fridge has many little containers of chili oils/pastes. I use those for cooking; I’ve given up on store bought. (Other than the aforementioned chili crisp.)


This. :heart:


Thanks for the tip about Spice Ace, @Emglow101!

Thank you so much for the recommendations, @ipsedixit! You may have greatly improved my quality of life.

I totally agree with you, @Bookwich. Chili crisp is life. I do always squirrel away the extras. I just discovered that chili crisp is pretty damn divine on avocado toast. Sacrilegious, I know!

I knew I could count on you guys, @thechez5!


I’m also a fan of this. I like to eat it with just plain rice:

And @frommtron recommended this to me in the Dinner thread, but I haven’t had a chance to try it yet:

YES!!! Grandma sauce! The one with the lady on the jar. We use it all the time, it works better than chile oil. We get the “fresh” sesame oil from Koreatown (near Pollo a la Brasa) and cook with that and then sprinkle on the Grandma sauce at the table.


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I like this from S&B s&b chili - Google Search


First of all, can I say that I adore you guys? Many, many thanks to you all.

@thechez5 Thanks for the additional recommendations. The chili shrimp sauce sounds great too!

@Dommy Thanks for the second on Grandma Sauce. Did you get your sesame oil from Chong’s Sesame Oil? I’ve had it bookmarked for years. I hear that it’s amazing.

@Sgee Oh, I hadn’t even considered S&B. Thanks for the suggestion.


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Got it! Thanks for the correction.

Yep! Chongs. Worth a go if you use Sesame oil as a condiment (Like in dressings). Remarkable clean flavor.

Also, for those who find Grandma Sauce a bit unrefined. We also like Chile Crunch. It’s pricy and doesn’t have that sichuan peppercorn edge. But it’s super crunchy and works well on so many things.


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Okay, I really need to go to Chong’s, especially since I’m a sesame oil fiend. Thanks for your endorsement.

Chile Crunch sounds amazing too! According to their website, it’s available at West Elm on Beverly.

DON’T CALL IT SAN (effing) FRAN!!! Ever. Shudder. Oh, wait, maybe you’re not talking about San FranCISCO. ???

Any trip to Chong’s requires taking home at least one bag of gochugaru.

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Good to know, @ipsedixit! I have to get through the gigantic bag of gochugaru that’s in my freezer first.

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excellent point. “frisco” is the preferred nomenclature.