Chimney Coffee House (Chinatown) - best larb burger in LA

Yes, the best.

Granted I don’t know of the contenders, or even if there are any other larb burgers out there, but this burger at Chimney Coffee House is fabulous.

It comes on a squarish burger-like milk bun, with a well-seasoned pork patty garnished with fried shallots and other accoutrements like toasted rice flower and chile flakes and a good smear of garlic mayo to grease the pathways so all of it goes down easy and smooth.

Finish the meal off with a brick toast (real Hokkaido bread, 'natch) topped with Matcha green tea butter and Matcha green tea ice cream and Matcha green tea whipped cream and Matcha green tea syrup and Matcha green tea chips and Matcha green tea jelly and real Matcha green tea boba.

Ok, kidding. Except for the first three.

Anyway, go and enjoy the best Larb burger in LA and carbo load with some brick toast and ice cream.


Chimney Coffee House
1100 N. Main St., Chinatown

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Sounds great ipse! :slight_smile: Will have to try.