Chinese banquet dinner

Hey guys

I’m looking for a place to do dinner for about 12 people. I thought a Chinese banquet dinner would make sense. I know NBC and Elite and am wondering what other places you guys might recommend. Let me know your thoughts. Thanks.

My knee-jerk response would be either Newport Seafood or Sea Harbour. Food at both have never failed me - but I’ve never had a banquet at either. You already mentioned Elite - they are excellent as well. I think the SGV experts need to chime in.

A dollar range might help as well. The banquet menu choices are pretty broad per, and even then, bargaining/negotiating is standard practice with the managers.

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Lunasia, King Hua, China Red, Happy Harbor (Rowland Heights) are all pretty good, but pricey. For a lower price point, there’s 888 Seafood, Capital Seafood, World Seafood, Atlantic Seafood. How sophisticated are the guests? If they’re not familiar with Chinese food, NBC would be fine.

I find most of the banquet food pretty boring tbh. Still good and I would still crush it…

Black Bean Clams (I rather have Steamed Eggs and Clams)

Corn and Fish Soup (I love that combo over rice but for soup I rather have pork bones, carrots, mustard greens, dried scallops, lotus root, red dates…)