Chinese Food Recs Rowland Heights or in the IE

Hey FTCers any recommendations for a good chinese restaurant in rowland heights or further east of SGV in the IE? Type of food doesnt matter can be dim sum, noodles, dumplings, cantonese, shanghainese, szechuan, whatever as long as its really good.

Driving out to Palm Springs and want to eat some good chinese food before partaking in the Palm Springs food wasteland.

Kind of a broad question.

@chandavkl while I appreciate the lesson in shifting demographics, I was just looking for a place to eat lunch tomorrow.

What are two or three of your favorite go-to chinese restaurants in the Rowland heights area? That’s all I need to know. TIA

China Point in Ontario.

The spicy seafood noodles (chao ma mien) is better than most versions in SGV. That is not a hyperbole. Chewy handmade noodles (used to be housemade). Really complex spicy broth chock full of shrimp, meat, veggies.

If you like spicy, ask for it extra spicy. They’ve had to tone it down over the years. They fry the chiles in oil until it turns dark dark red, almost black.

The ja jiang mien is also good

Liang Pi is legit. Rare even in the SGV

The rest of the menu is your standard Chinese American fare. The place has been around for close to 15 years.


Happy Harbour in City of Industry for dim sum and the dried scallop fried rice.

Shanxi Noodle House in City of Industry for lamb noodle soup and other Shanxi noodles.

Shanghailander for the braised pork and the eggplant with shrimp paste.

Earthen is always good. I particularly like the fish dumplings.


Happy Harbor at Rowland Heights for dim sum. Earthen at Hacienda Heights for noodles/dumplings. Chendu Taste at Rowland Heights for you know what. Enjoy.


+1 on all of these. In Rowland Heights itself, besides Happy Harbor and Chengdu Taste, there are branches of WSGV favorites like Tasty Garden, 101 Noodle Express and Boiling Point. Also Taiwanese favorites Class 302 and Sin Ba La.

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i like earthen, though for me it’s about the shandong chicken and quesedilla-like scallion pancake; if you order anything else and find it underwhelming, that’s on you.

if you’d prefer not to backtrack west from rowland heights, maybe silk road garden for uighur, q noodle house for taiwanese though if you don’t speak the lingo you may find it a challenge.

one offbeat suggestion: chinese mexicali fusion at cachanilla chinese restaurant in pomona that you’d otherwise have to drive down the US-mexican border to find.


+1 for China Point. I used to live out there, and it took the edge off of cravings when I was too lazy to drive.


I am guessing 80-90% of the tables have these two items. :joy:

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if not more. just be warned that half of the chicken plate is cucumber hidden underneath the chicken.

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Just out of curiosity what delineates Mexican chinese and american chinese? Most of their dishes seem to be american chinese with a couple of slightly more authentic chinese dishes.

Unfortunately the Mexicali Chinese place in Pomona didn’t seem like the places described.

Just looking at the photos it seems that China point is Korean chinese food, correct?

Chef/Owner is from the area of China right next to North Korea. Which is why their spicy seafood noodles and ja jiang mien is so good.

The rest of the menu is more Chinese American fast food than Korean Chinese.

The legit dishes can take some time since they make most of their money off the lunch special stuff.

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Yeah I agree just listened to that radio short. Might just have to take a trip to mexicali at some point for tacos and Mexican Chinese food

And that garlic sauce.:dizzy_face:

they’re really good at hiding all the cucumbers im looking on yelp and every plate looks like a huge pile of chicken

Has any one been to Yi Mei Deli in Rowland Heights for their soy milk? Thoughts?

Yi Mei has gone way down hill.

Four Seas or Huge Tree for soy milk. Try the salted one.

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