Chinese Foodie Night in Chinatown on October 22

The Southern California Chinese Lawyers Association is sponsoring their second Chinese foodie night, focusing on the changing dining scene in Chinatown. The first foodie night in 2013 featured myself, Clarissa Wei, and Johnny Hwang of the 626 Night Market speaking on the evolution of Chinese food in Los Angeles. I can’t make this year’s presentation because I have a very important football game to attend, but I encourage you to sign up for this year’s event. It’s moderated by Prof. Oliver Wang from CS Long Beach and they’re hoping to have Frank Shyong of the LA Times as one of the panelists. CHINATOWN 2.0: How New Restaurants Are Changing LA’s Chinatown Tickets, Thu, Oct 22, 2015 at 6:30 PM | Eventbrite


Bruins and Bears


you’re skipping a fucking Chinese dinner for a football game ???

uh-oh, chandavl what’s going on here ???

can someone make sure that he’s OK ???

Is there a fucking doctor in the house ??? :slight_smile:

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What happens at this event tell us more.

Part history of Chinatown, part discussion of how it has evolved into a destination for non-Chinese cuisine. I believe the $5 admission charge covers food.

That is more than a little scary.
Even my stingiest friends might worry about quality for that price.

Do you know if they’ll be streaming the event? I’d love to hear about the history and evolution.